Another Blog Award!


Blogging has officially made me feel popular! Yet another award from a blogger I admire. Thank you ‘Bubbles and Beebots’! I have already nominated all my favorite blogs out there so I am just going to do my duty and list seven things about me. (Rules of the Award):

  1. I ran away to my grandmother’s house when I was 4. I was mad at my mom and started packing. She asked where I was going and I said, “GRANDMA’S”! So she said, “I’ll drive you, it’s faster!” I stayed a week. J
  2. My dream job was to become an MTV VJ in the 80’s. I knew I was better than that Downtown Julie Brown chick. They never responded to my resume.
  3. I was raised in the South and do not understand why sweet tea isn’t served in restaurants in every state.
  4. My favorite vegetables are hushpuppies.
  5. It’s weird to me that I like to blog. When I was young and all my girlfriends had journals, I would start one then destroy it because I was afraid someone would steal it and make a movie about my journal entries and I would DIE of embarrassment.
  6. I like cocktails. At the beach. Who am I kidding, I like cocktails everywhere.
  7. I am considering moving into a “Tiny Home” when Thing 2 finally moves out. Hopefully Big Daddy will talk me out of it.


And that’s it!

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