Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?


With everything going on in our world today it seems we are always on the edge. So many are losing their faith, religion and hope. We are lost and looking for reasons to keep going. And then this happened.

Pokémon Go.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Pokémon Go is a phone app. It’s a game where you use your phone to search for and capture Pokémon. Little mythical creatures. Sounds fun right?

As a mom of older teens, I thought the days of Pokémon games, cards and figurines were over. I was wrong. So damn wrong. I would rather take my eyeballs out with a fork than go through another Pokémon phase. Sweet Jesus keep me strong!

Just this week they both walked in the door staring at their phones and running through the house. I thought the house was on fire and they were calling 911.  Nope. They were hunting creatures on their phones. When they explained it to me I thought, “kill. me. now.” Can’t they just clean their rooms and take out the trash? Are my other friends kids this weird?

Later I texted my kids and asked where they were. They were in a downtown park with 100+ other people searching for Pokémon creatures. I kid you not. But it’s not just the younger kids, its middle aged people too. Just a few minutes ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of Pokémon creatures in their lunch! I was like WTF? Really? And then she sent me two more during the day? Have my friends fallen for this time suck too?

Then it hit me. Maybe this will save the human race. Everyone could join hands and hunt Pokémon creatures and rid the earth of evil. Sounds silly but our own national leaders don’t have a better idea.

Maybe it’s not that easy but it’s a start.

Me, I’m going down with the ship. The earth can burn before I join in this Pokémon Go craze. Not gonna put that app on my phone. No way. I’m a grown ass adult…

*leaves room singing, “Burn baby burn, disco inferno” 🎤

5 thoughts on “Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?

  1. My daughter just got this, scared the life out of me when she said there was one on the bathroom door! I told her to never enter my bedroom in the middle of the night…one step too far! I like your theory though!! I am not downloading it however much she might make me try…but I like that she is being physical with this one, you can’t play this one in your room for hours under the duvet! 🙂

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