Why Don’t I Own a Skillet? Am I Even Southern?


Why Don’t I Own a Skillet?

It occurred to me today that I might not be a real southern wife/mom. I was screwing around on Pinterest and saving pins of comfort foods when I realized, I don’t even own a cast iron skillet! WTH?

How can I claim to be southern born and bred and not even have the tools to make a good skillet cornbread? I’ve been living a lie. 

Is it too late for me? I’m nearly 50 and I’ve barely learned to use the microwave. I’m a horrible cook. Except Mac & Cheese. Can I tell you a secret? I sold Pampered Chef for years when my kids were little. I did it for all the freebies and half priced cooking tools. And I never cooked! I was addicted to the products. Lol

Back to Pinterest. You should see all the recipes I’ve saved to try. My family is astonished when I do try a new recipe. But now I know I have to go out and buy a cast iron skillet. I need to channel my 96 year old grandmother and whip up a cake of cornbread. (She’s still alive at the time of this writing). Maybe I could have her taste test my cornbread. As long as she doesn’t call me Shelly or Mandy. Those are my cousins. 

Sometimes she forgets I’m her favorite. It happens. 

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