DIY Man Tanks (Wife Beater)


So I was grabbing a meal from a fav restaurant last week when I noticed something odd. Well odd to me. A father and son were having lunch and the kid was back and forth from the play area. (What I like to call the germ pit). But that’s not the odd part. It was what they were wearing. 

I had to do a double take. Both dad and son were wearing ‘wife beaters’. I realize that term can offend some but frankly these particular shirts offended me. I mean there is a difference between a tank top and a wife beater. Tank tops are kinda loose and athletic looking. Wife beaters are tight, usually white in color and you can see nipples and chest hair right through it. Got the visual? I know right? Eeew. 

But it gets worse. These were no ordinary wife beaters. These were DIY beaters. (Do-it-Yourself) in case you’re not familiar with the term and you don’t Pinterest much. 

These were actual cheap t-shirts with the sleeves cut off. And not completely cut off so there was parts of the sleeve still there. Can you visualize it? I couldn’t look away. It was like watching someone talk while they have a booger hanging at the edge of their nose. You hate to stare but you just gotta watch to see if it falls out. It’s like that. 

I assumed he wasn’t married. What wife would let her husband and child leave the house like that? Maybe she didn’t know? Maybe she left the house that morning before they did? Can you imagine that conversation when they got home? “Ah WTF are you wearing and why did you do that to our child?” 

I’m not judging. I’m just thinking this dad could create a whole line of these DIY wife beaters for all dads out there who have given up on life. 

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