Margaritas, Sharks and Crappy WiFi. This is Vacation Week!

This is going to be a shorter post today. My beach condo has spotty wifi and too many margaritas from the tiki bar results in terrible writing mistakes.  But I know you all wait for my blog updates with baited beer breath each week. So here goes. 

Thing 1 had to head back home for work and summer classes. Thing 2 is still here at the beach and has sunburned feet. (I can’t even with that kid). My parents are just down the hall and I enjoy spending vacation with them each year. Big Daddy burned his thumb cooking dinner last night and I suffered a terrible migraine yesterday but I’m back at it today! 

Haven’t seen any sharks yet, (Knocking on wood)  but saw this cute little flounder at the edge of the water the other day. Turned out to be a STINGRAY. So I’m being cautious when I venture out into the ocean now. 

The people watching is phenomenal this summer. More girls wearing bikinis that really shouldn’t. I’m not fat shaming anyone, (I too am part of the chubby club) but let’s wear things on the beach that actually fits us please. Oh the tattoos are killing me. 

Oh if you get a tattoo, get one that is spelled correctly and doesn’t look like you lost a bet and let a drunk unlicensed artist scribble a Disney character on your butt that sticks up part way over your non fitting bikini by the crack of your ass that I have to look at all day. Thanks. 

Surfers. It’s South Carolina, not Hawaii. Your not going to catch a big one here. Just floating around so the girls think your a hottie is hilarious. Watch out for sharks honey. Lol

My favorite is watching the young parents with babies and toddlers trying to RELAX. LOL They show up carrying babies and lugging large wagons filled with beach chairs, toys, coolers, tents and floaties. Spend an hour setting up and just as they start to sit down, a child wants to dart off to the ocean. You can see it on the mom’s face, that split second where she is trying to decide if she should get up right then and grab the kid and keep him from being dragged out to sea where he might be eaten by sharks or wait a second to see if the dad will notice and let him rescue the child. Meanwhile sharks circle the waters edge watching for runaway toddlers for a mid-day snack.  At least that’s how it always worked when ours were little. 

Well that’s it for today friends. It’s raining again so Big Daddy and I might have to take a drive down the beach and find some ice cream shop. After my nap.  🙂 Toodles! 

4 thoughts on “Margaritas, Sharks and Crappy WiFi. This is Vacation Week!

  1. Oh no, I am ONE of those parents with small children trying to relax on the beach! WTF am I *ever* thinking???

    My favorite thing at the beach are the teenagers with random, unremarkable statements in their shirts. Like, “Great story, bro. Tell it again.” I hear this was something all the kids were saying last summer, but it really just looks stupid on a t-shirt. I can’t wait to see the next dumb saying they put on a t-shirt this summer. Maybe “Pass the salt,” or “What time is it?”

    I should totally go to the beach and sell t-shirts.

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