Merry Christmas from the Family and We Still Have Leftover Thanksgiving Ham…


The other day on Facebook I saw a meme that says, “This is probably not the year to hang that mistletoe up around the office”. I nearly died. I mean yes it’s terrible what’s happening with all these perverted men doing unspeakable things to women. So to see that meme, made me bust out laughing right in front of the computer. My dog was startled and cocked his head to the side like I had lost my mind. So the thought of mistletoe at the office Christmas party pulled the humor from my dark side. Sorry. I’ve been known to be really inappropriate with what I say. In my defense, I am pretty sure it’s a gene mutation I inherited from my family.

Speaking of family, did you see my FB live and Insta story on Thanksgiving Day? I thought my family would hide from the camera like they were all in the Witness Protection Program but they didn’t. They were pretty much attention seekers if you ask me. So Maybe we’ll do Christmas Live. I mean why not. Nothing says ‘my family is more normal than I thought’ than watching someone else’s family act like they have no home training on video for all the world to see. 

And yes. I do still have Thanksgiving ham and pie still in the fridge. They are almost gone and we need to start prepping for the Christmas food. I forgot to mention at Thanksgiving that my cousin who hosted that day, is a vegetarian and she was in charge of the Turkey. Thank God her husband cooked the turkey or we’d be eating tofu turkey. Gross. 

Christmas memories are they best. I am sure everyone has them. Like the time when my boys were little and one of our relatives had a little too much to drink and threw up in my uncle’s back yard. The kids asked what was happening and we told them that our relative was ‘feeding the ducks’. Yes, there were ducks. Or the time my mom dropped an entire cake on the floor. If you think we didn’t pick it up and clean it off a little and eat it, you’d be very wrong. 

Then there was the time I had too many White Russians and I am pretty sure I told everyone what was really on my mind that day. My aunt uses glass “boots” for the liquor and let’s just say I had a few boots. I think everyone was very clear about how I felt about another member of the fam. Lord, have mercy. Oh then there was another time when my uncle wore a wool sweater and proceeded to grab a sausage ball and reached over a candle. Can you guess what happened? Everyone was screaming and trying to put out his arm that was on fire. I was dying laughing. I mean I couldn’t imagine something like that NOT happening. These are some of the more tamer memories of Christmas Past.

I am sure you all have some pretty fantastic Christmas stories too. I would love to hear them! But I want to leave you with a video I just love. It reminds me of my family at every holiday. Maybe yours too? Check it out here:

Cheers Y’all!

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