Theybies. Gender Reveals are a Thing of the Past….


So I love to read. I read a lot of blogs and stories on the web. But when I read about “theybies”, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Keep in mind that I write with humor and sarcasm unless I am just on a rant. But this, theybies? Come on…

What is a theyby? A theyby is a child that has no gender identity from birth until he/she decides what it is. Folks, I am not making this up. Some of you may think this is terrific. Some of you are like me and have common sense and think this is a little F’ed up. I know I will get hate mail from this but you have to admit, our world is already a hot mess. Now let’s let the kids decide what they are with no guidance. This should make for some terrific Lifetime Movies in the future.

I read that one family is letting their child decide their gender at age 4. 4!!!!!!!!!!!! This kid still believes in Santa Clause for crying out loud! At 4, most kids are still playing make-believe and learning from their parents by immolating them. And YOU want them to tell YOU what they are? They can’t even get the straw in the freaking juice box! (Ok neither can some adults but you get my drift).

Now, some of you might not know this but I do have a career in Early Childhood Education. I can tell that some parents of these young children are so eager to be political correct, hip and cool, that they forget the children need to be guided and taught by the parent. Not the other way around. I have heard parents say they think we should learn from our children. Ah, nope. We are the adults and it’s our job to introduce them to this mean, crazy and wonderful world. It’s our job to guide them through so they don’t end up a drug addicted Broadway actor. Or worse, a lawyer! lol (Just kidding to my law friends!)

Let’s let kids be kids. They need to play and learn at their own pace but not all on their own. They need us to guide, teach and protect them. It’s OK to be a girl or boy. It’s OK to want to wear pink or blue and be different from the other sex. We should celebrate our girlhood or boyhood. Yes, we can play the same sports or even wear the same clothes but let’s be different! Let’s be ok with who we are! It’s ok to be a boy or girl as “part” of their identity!

Speaking of being ok with who we are, it’s ok to grow up to be a mommy. It’s also ok to grow up to be a daddy. To be a CEO or a stay-at-home mom. The sky is the limit. But if you, as a parent, are not proud of who you are as a man or woman, then it will be difficult for your kids to navigate this already insane world and having the pressure of deciding your own gender. For. The Love.

Well this post has driven me to drink earlier than usual today. No matter how you raise your kids I will love them anyway. Even if you screw them up and raise them genderless. But thank God I will be dead and gone by the time the genderless are running the world. There wouldn’t be enough alcohol in the world to help me deal with that kind of crazy!

Have a great day peeps and Cheers Y’all!


9 thoughts on “Theybies. Gender Reveals are a Thing of the Past….

  1. I can’t even listen to the non gender narrative anymore. How can anyone educated or no even think this is a thing? So many questions, so many issues. I “get” identifying with male and female traits – but either you have the plumbing or you don’t! No discussion!

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  2. I just read a article that a man in Canada was getting quotes for auto insurance and because he is a man his rates were $1,100 more than if he were a woman. He went to his dr. and told him that he identified as a woman, so the dr. wrote a note and the man had his gender changed on his birth certificate to a female. He got the insurance for $1,100 less. The LGBTQ crowd is all up in arms about it and calling for him to be put in jail for fraud. I think situations like this are going to become more and more common.

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