Oscars, Award Shows and all That Fluff. Where are our Priorities?

Oscars & Award Shows

Ok Y’all,

I think I am going to throw my hat in the ring to host the Oscars. I mean Kevin Hart is out and no one else is jumping to it. Go ahead and check my social media accounts, interview people who don’t like me and find any recordings from my past. I am 100% sure you will find something stupid, wrong, unethical, offensive and possibly criminal in my past. I am also sorry I did those things. 

OK, that’s out-of-the-way now. Where do I sign up? Oh, you want to judge me on the past stuff? Sure, go ahead. Ye who cast the first stone. You know you have some things in your past you ought not of said. (finger wagging here). We now live in a time where everything is held against you, even if you didn’t do anything. Kinda scary. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not excusing Kevin Hart’s mistakes, mine or anyone else’s. But we do need to get past some “stuff”. Comedians are having to re-learn comedy. No longer can they make fun of, well, anyone. And if you haven’t noticed, late-night hosts and shows like SNL, can no longer be funny without using politics. 

I admit, it was funny in 2016 to make fun of all the politics. Didn’t matter whose party you voted for, it was pretty comical on all sides. But now, 2 years later, it’s gone from funny to weird to just plain meanness. Humor is being replaced by political meanness. And political correctness. Nothing is funny anymore. We have a lot of work to do.

The first thing we need to do is cancel these award shows. They are all political now anyway. No fun anymore. I used to love watching the hosts rag on the celebrities right there in the audience. Loved the glitz and glamour of the dresses and the skits that made us all laugh. Not so much anymore. Then it dawned on me. Why are we watching these overpaid actors who think they know more than the common people, give each other awards? I mean really? Here’s an award for the best actor in a movie that we don’t even want to watch when it comes to On Demand? Half of them I don’t even know! If I’ve seen the movie I am usually perplexed about the winner. I’m always thinking that other actor should have gotten the award or that other movie. 

Hollywood has been eating itself for a while now. They have turned on each other and it’s been pretty ugly especial with the #metoo movement. Some of the ladies have even been on the wrong side of #metoo. And we want to follow their lead? Do what they tell us to do? 

I have an idea, let’s have award shows with glitz and glamor for Teachers, first responders and real hero’s! Whose in? 

I heard that President Trump has cancelled the White House Christmas party for the press. I had to laugh at that. I had not thought about all those parties at the white house, not just the Christmas one either. Why do we, the taxpayers, pay for parties for the press? Or host elaborate dinners for heads of state from other countries etc. Let’s get frugal up in here! McDonald’s for Prime Minister! Or at least some Bojangles Fried Chicken.

Our Priorities are F’d up. No one is perfect. We are stingy on forgiveness and we are worshiping celebrities. We need to work better to lift each other up. Women are still mean and vindictive to each other. We need to stop hating the other side. We need to help those in need.

Did this turn into a rant? Sorry friends, I just went a little nuts after watching SNL this Saturday night and feeling like it was so mean-spirited and not funny. The host talked about growing up and staying up late watching SNL with his dad. I did the same. My kids won’t watch it. Says it’s all politics. But most of all, I am worried about Pete Davidson of SNL. Seems he is still dealing with lots of issues. You know his father was killed in the 9-11 attack. I wonder if he is still dealing with that even though he was so very young. He left a message on social media last week that he didn’t want to be on this earth anymore, then a few days later he is on SNL announcing the musical guests. 

Is it just me? I would hope Lorne and the cast would take care of little Dave. Not stick him in front of the camera this week. Priorities?

So own your own shit people. Stop looking to the stars (unless you are outside at night looking upwards). Be true to yourself and others this holiday season. Cut out the meanness and start forgiving others. Remember what skeletons are in your own closet. Politics are not the only conversations we need to be having. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget to laugh at the really funny stuff either!

Cheers Y’all!

14 thoughts on “Oscars, Award Shows and all That Fluff. Where are our Priorities?

  1. Missy this was a really good and thought provoking blog post. It’s not funny anymore to watch these shows and award shows. It’s too political and mean spirited. And when someone Tweets that their life is not worth living anymore, it’s like hearing a car alarm go off, we just keep walking. Pathetic. I’m with you. Let’s host award shows for teachers, first responders, police officers, fire fighters and bloggers. Cheers my friend 🥂 Hugs Robyn

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