Amazon Prime Day 2019 is a Life Changer!


I’m celebrating my first ever Amazon Prime Day. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. But, it turns out, it’s been happening since 2015! Where have I been? Did you know about it? I mean, I’m planning to get ALL my Christmas shopping done in JULY!

It’s a GLOBAL event too so all my friends in other countries can get in on the deals. When does this fantastic party start? Monday, July 15th. It goes for 48 hours. Get this, there is even a CONCERT on Prime Video with stars like TSwift! And another perk, Other brands like Walmart and Target will probably have big sales too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Why am I so excited? Well, for starters, I’m an Amazon Influencer. Yep I will make a little money on the deals but then I’m planning to use that $$ to buy more things! I’ve got my eye on a new laptop and a few other things I wouldn’t normally buy but Prime Day sales in July are going to be awesome. Life changing.

I Just wanted to let you know so you can get a start on your holiday shopping or for college shopping or just for yourself!

Click below for major information:

Prime Day 2019

 Need a Prime Account? Click below to see the different kinds of accounts. Some free trials too!

Prime Account Information

Here is a link to some great products you might want that will be on sale: 

Prime Day Products!

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