My Dad Texts Me Pictures of His New Underwear and Other Crazy Reasons I Frequently Drink

this explains a lot about my family

Is it just me? I’ll be totally honest and tell you I come from a very crazy family. We don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore. I absolutely get my humor from my father. But now that he’s in his mid 70’s I am starting to worry….

This is a man who never walks around half dressed and he is sooo modest. So you can understand how shocked I was when he texted me he had purchased new underwear and was going to send me a picture of him wearing them! WTH??????????

Let’s go back a bit. When my kids were really young, I sent them into my dad’s bathroom to tell him to hurry up and get out of the shower. They busted open the door and started yelling for him to hurry. It flustered him so much he was screaming at me to “get YOUR damn kids out of my bathroom!” lol I thought he was going to kill me. lol

So here’s the picture:

Pretty Good Legs for a 76 year old guy! (Sorry girls, he’s taken.)

Let me explain in case your like (there’s nothing special about those boxers..). My dad has ALWAYS worn white or light blue boxers. ALWAYS. So for him to find colored striped boxers and wear them is a hoot. He modeled them for my mom and she was hysterical. She said that when they were asleep and he got up to go to the bathroom, she could see those boxers and started laughing again. I could just picture the both of them laughing about his boxers in the middle of the night. My family is pretty disturbed.

This same man once told a security officer he didn’t know me when we were goofing off in an airport on the way to Hawaii. I thought the guy was gonna lock me up. And then the time we were in a Piggly Wiggly grocery store and he started throwing bags of noodles at me, my mom walked away from her half-filled cart and left us. She was so pissed.

I know so many families that are super sweet and never say a bad word. I say the F word just to send my dad into orbit because he hates the word. He cringes every time. But honestly, if you don’t admit your crazy family dysfunctions, are you even having fun? I’m not making fun of family mental illnesses but sometimes you can even make those family members laugh at themselves. There are days where you can either laugh or cry.

I have many more family stories but those are for another post. More reasons to drink margaritas too. I would love to hear from you about any fun crazy stories you have!

We Don't Hide Crazy, We Put It On The Porch With A Cocktail

Peace Love & Margaritas!

8 thoughts on “My Dad Texts Me Pictures of His New Underwear and Other Crazy Reasons I Frequently Drink

  1. Too funny! Just goes to show that parents are never too old to embarrass their children. The older I get, the more I take this as a personal challenge. My daughter, Cori has developed some immunity to my crazy-in-publicโ€”so I have to really up my game these days.
    Once, when I rescued a dog from a hot car and let it loose in Target (where it quickly found its startled POS owners) and Cori barely flinched, I proceeded to lecture themโ€”claiming to be a veterinarian. That at least got an eye-roll from her.

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