Interview with Comedian Karen Morgan!

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to interview a real-life standup comedian! I have to say I was nervous. Would I ask the wrong questions? Would I sound like a fangirl? Would she be able to tell I was slurping a margarita? Let me tell you Karen Morgan is the easiest, friendliest person to talk to. She had me laughing during the whole interview! Whew!

I had seen her videos and had her on my list of top women comedians. My last post had one of her video clips too. Did you know she used to be a trial attorney? I guess that would lead me to standup too. She’s a mom and wife from Georgia but now lives in Maine. I asked her if her family ate lobster often (insert eyeroll here) to which she replied, not really. Mostly when we have out of town guests. (Most people who live near lobsters don’t eat it often. Me, I would eat it three times a day!). I felt I really needed to ask that question though.

Karen got interested in comedy and decided to take a comedy class. She decided she loved it and next thing you know she was a finalist on Nickelodeon’s “Search for the Funniest Moms in America”! She is what is referred to as a “clean” comedian”. Meaning no swear words and family friendly. Another fun fact is she is friends with Jeff Foxworthy and has hung out with that crew before. She even has a picture of her hanging out with one of my other favs, Ron White. How does a “clean” comedian hang with the likes of not-so-clean comic, Ron White? lol

Karen’s comedy talks about life, kids, marriage and being over 50. So she is right up my alley. I asked her what advice she would give women 45+ just starting out in comedy. She said, “Don’t be afraid, just do it!” She also says if you’re a mom then you have already made a human being, you can do comedy. Just start writing! I truly think we need more women comedians like her over the age 45. The more life experiences the better the comedy!

With Covid 19, it’s nearly impossible for comedians to tour or hit the comedy clubs right now. Most comedians are taking to YouTube and doing podcasts. Karen has collaborated with her friend, Jim Colliton and hosts an online podcast site. They have tour dates and podcasts/videos etc. Great to visit when you are feeling a little sluggish or down. It’s also on Facebook: Lawn & Disorder: Comedy from the Suburbs. You need to go and like/follow!

On the Lawn & Disorder FB page, you can sign up to be a part of their upcoming Zoom game show. It’s for couples to play along and see how well they know each other. Nothing could go wrong there right? lol I admit I signed up for me and the hubby. Won’t he be surprised. lol So you might want to go sign up too! They plan to do a few of these.

Thanks to Karen for letting me interview her and I can’t wait to see her in person in North Carolina soon! Below are her bio and a video. Enjoy!

Karen Morgan

Peace, Love & Margaritas!

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