Best 5 Holiday Gifts To Give Her. Oprah and Santa’s Elves Agree.

It’s 2020 and we aren’t even sure if we can gather for the holidays, much less give gifts. BUT, if you plan to still play Santa or ship out a gift or two or five, I have you covered with some real, meaningful, awesome gifts that will win you all kinds of love and adoration from those that receive them. (Not really but sounds good right?)

This post has 5 must buy gifts for Her. I’ll cover everyone else in the upcoming weeks. Links are affiliate links. If you want to grace me with any of these, please feel free. They are my favs.

First up? The Coffee Mug Warmer.

Coffee Mug Warmer with Light Indicator!

This is so we don’t have to get up and warm up that beverage in the microwave. Just leave it on the warmer and keep working, or bingeing on Netflix! Click on the picture to go right to it for more information.

Next up? Air Fryer! This is the Mac Daddy of Air Fryers Y’all! It does everything! Click the pic to read all about it!

Air Fryer Sent From Heaven!

You may not want to give her “cooking” products, but trust me, this one is worth it! Let me work it!

Number Three is Warmth! A Parka like no other.

It was on Oprah’s Fav List!

Four is A fashion must! Sperry is on everyone’s wish list.

The Lug Boot by Sperry!

This is 2020 and hell has frozen over. At least be fashionable right?

Five stars for number Five! Ray-Bans for the fashion slayer!

Ray-Ban for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Now you are set! Looking good for the season. You will definitely win with these gifts this holiday season.

I will get to the other top gifts to give next week. If you have already done your shopping, consider giving yourself one of these great gifts! Or find another one you like. No matter what we can all agree that seeing that Amazon truck in front of your house during the holidays is a very exciting moment. At least at my house it is!

What’s your gift you really want this year? What’s the gift you can’t wait to give? Just so you know, I have cocktail with a few of the elves once a week and I could put in a good word for you!

With Love,

Midlife Margaritas and a few Elves….

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