Why You Should Care About Britney Spears Conservatorship And What It Means To Women Everywhere. #FreeBritney

The following post is only my opinion.

She was 16 when the fame really started to hit for Britney. She was young, beautiful and every boy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. But with fame at a very young age, things got real and got real quickly. Her romance with hottie Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s was the starting point where things started to go wrong. And I’m not even talking about the matchy denim outfits they wore to some awards show. (I feel certain they both regret that move).

The hype with JT and Britney when they were young and in love had the world asking, is she still a virgin? First of all, why is that anyone’s business. But JT caved on a radio interview and told the world she was no longer a virgin. The interview was completely cringeworthy. When they broke up, Diane Sawyer asked Britney what she (Britney) did to Justin. WHAT? Putting the breakup blame on Britney. That entire interview was horrible. How did that make TV? Who stood up for Britney? “crickets”

Fast forward to 2004 and Britney marries Kevin Federline. They have 2 kids and divorced in 2006. That’s when Britney started to show signs of needing help. 2007 was the infamous year where everyone took note. I believe it may have started with post-partum depression, escalated by the people around her. Managers and business associates started to take advantage of her, gave her drugs and watched her fall apart. No one had her best interest. Not even her family. Everything you saw from the media was a tortured soul pleading for help. Help came soon after in the name of a Conservatorship.

Usually conservatorships are for people who can no longer take care of themselves or their finances. Elderly, stroke victims, etc. But this conservatorship has lasted over 13 years and still counting. She has shown she can work, make billions, date, still parent etc. Why is she still under this thing? Simple. Money and Control by her father (my opinion). Allegedly He has forced her to work (so he can profit off her) even when sick. He Watches every move she makes, has her on birth control (IUD) and refuses to let her have it taken out while she can still have a normal healthy pregnancy. Just to name a few bizarre things. I think the only person left in her circle that has her back is her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

#FREEBRITNEY has been trending on and off for years. She has posted bizarre social media posts which fans claim she is signaling for help. Her ex-husband has accused her dad of abusing one of their sons. Red Flag. More crazy social media and then…

The Framing Britney documentary came out. Everyone seemed so shocked. It was out there right in front of all of us and yet it took a document to make us see Britney was living a nightmare. Her fans already knew all this and now are justified in the FREE BRITNEY movement. Now Britney has just been to court to ask the judge to please end this conservatorship. She publicly told a courtroom and the media the details of how bad her father has treated her and all the money she has spent on her own conservatorship. What will happen next? We are all waiting to here how this will play out.

My question is this. Where is the women empowering women movement? Why aren’t they standing up for her? I’ll give Cher a shout-out as she is working the phones to get things moving. Anyone else? Some of you say she’s just a celebrity and what about women all over the world going through the same abuse? Why aren’t we helping them? Britney is famous and she can buy help for herself better than anyone.

WRONG. It’s because of Britney standing up to this abuse and making us all aware of what’s happening that we can see the signs now. We can begin to recognize it in women without celebrity and platform. We can see the red flags in our friends, neighbors, strangers etc. Maybe we can be brave enough to make a stand for those women who can’t. It happens more than you would like to think. It doesn’t have to be a conservatorship. It can look like a normal relationship too. And another thing, it can always be abuse by families including other women. Don’t think all women are victims and not the abuser. Read that again.

So to package this little piece up with a bow, let’s pay better attention to what’s going on around us. Let’s stand up for those women who need us. Let’s empower and uplift other women. Let’s FREE BRITNEY!

Twitter: @britneyspears

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