July 4th Is Being Celebrated Here Once Again In The USA, But Not Without Controversy And Here’s Why That’s Ok

Trigger Warnings abound for this one folks. Read at your own risk and try not to lose your minds in the comments and DM’s please!

Today is July 4th and that means Independence Day/Birthday for America (USA). But I bet you already knew that. This year the flag and the holiday comes with Controversy and that’s ok. Hear me out (or read me out) before you scroll on.

Lately the US and the World is experiencing culture clashes, racism, bigotry, cancel culture, wokeness, progressivism, nationalism, free speech and border dialogs. What this means is, we are using our freedoms to express how we all feel at this moment in time. Nothing really new about all this but because of social media and news media, it feels very overwhelming. But it’s ok. Even if you feel like this is the worst in all of us, it’s really not and we should be grateful we can express ourselves! Because here in the USA we have freedom of speech like no other nation.

To simplify this, think about how not everyone loves burgers. Some love them, some hate them, some are Vegan and others think to kill an animal for food is deplorable. But guess what? We are all entitled to our passion and feelings on the subject of burgers. Burgers themselves have no feelings or emotions about themselves or anything else for that matter. But we all go on knowing that somewhere, someone is eating a big ‘ol greasy burger with all the fixings today and some are eating non-animal food today in their celebrations of July 4th. And some are at the same backyard BBQ.

I know it sounds ludicrous to compare the American Flag to a Burger but I think you get the picture. All though some of you will go bat-shit crazy on the comparison. And that’s ok. (Freedom to think how you want too AND express it).

The real issue we are having is respect. We need to work on that. We don’t respect each other, authority, community, property etc. But one day we will get it right.

If you know me, you know I love the USA. It’s beautiful here, most people are awesome and we have so many opportunities. We have more freedoms than most countries too. We also have problems. But it doesn’t stop us from loving our country. Our flag means a lot to most of us. You see that flag is for ALL of us. It’s feelings aren’t hurt when it’s burned, stomped on or spit on. It doesn’t cry or become angry when someone won’t stand up for it or when someone turns their back on it. The Flag represents everyone. Whether good, bad or ugliness, that flag stands for all. Those in our past, present and future. It never waivers.

If you have every flown on a plane and have been asked to stay seated on landing while a casket is pulled out and rolled away covered by the flag, or been at a funeral of a loved one that was military or a first responder and that folded flag is handed to the wife, son or daughter of the deceased, had chill bumps when listening to the National Anthem. You know what I mean. If you have ever watched someone burn the flag or desecrate it in anyway, you know what I mean. It’s still our flag. It still stands for all of us.

Some of you will agree and some of you will unfriend me or block me etc. And that’s ok. Because we have freedom of choice and free will.

That’s what makes our Country great. And no matter how the above things make you feel, that’s ok too. Because that Flag also stands for what we will become going forward. Good, Bad or Ugly. And that’s ok. Because our country has really come really far from the early years. We have progressed and will continue too. It’s not always easy nor does it always look good on us, but we will get there.

Happy 4th USA! (Be responsible with those fireworks, nobody needs to lose a finger or arm over it).

Peace, Love & Margaritas

2 thoughts on “July 4th Is Being Celebrated Here Once Again In The USA, But Not Without Controversy And Here’s Why That’s Ok

  1. I get goosebumps when I hear the national anthem at sporting events. The energy in the stadium can bring you to tears sometimes depending on what event is happening. When ever they have military involved with singing that’s when I feel the most energy. There are tears everywhere. I remember my grandma getting handed a folded flag after my uncle died. My mother-in-law remembers as a child in Italy during World War Two when the Americans came and they were tossing chocolate bars to the children in the streets. She grew up wanting to be American after that, loving how kind the Americans were during that time. Yeah, there is some ugly with some of our history but we all live in glass houses, every country, every person out there. We should never forget those mistakes of course but we also need to take a long and hard look at everything good we have done. Everyone on this planet, no matter where they live, should always look for the positive and try to continue down that past. Why bring up the ugly and cruel part of any history? Some people love their misery and need hate as fuel to feel alive and that is a very sad thing. I loved this post. Thank you for sharing. I wont be unfollowing.

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