Shout-Out To The Kids That Went All Out For Halloween. The Rest Of You Didn’t Even Try To Raise Hell And It Showed.

Maybe it was the Supply Chain shortages or maybe the Spirit store just didn’t have the coolest costumes but Halloween costumes sucked this year. I had higher hopes for the creativity of the teens and college kids but they were a big disappointment. It’s Like they didn’t even try.

I went to visit my youngest at college over the weekend. Big concert with great local bands and everyone was dressed for Halloween. The college kids either didn’t really try or they were so broke they resorted to creating their own. And I will admit it was SCARY.

The guys chose mostly dresses from their girlfriends closets. Or they did the BEER costume that was basically a felt pull-over of a beer mug. It was like ‘why bother’? And do girls just not wear underwear anymore? We witnessed girls falling over or jumping around and no underwear. Did they forget or what? I mean you do you Boo! The go-to costume was more of a white t-shirt with red paint on it and a short skirt. What happened to just wearing the slutty nurse costume? Was Spirit out of those? No winners for creativity.

I had high hopes for seeing some Squid Game costumes or creepy dolls, things like that. But nope. Has the pandemic robbed us of fun so much that we have no more creativity? I have Pj’s scarier than most costumes this year. (well they were great during the 90’s). I get it, the college kids and 20 somethings are pretty broke and I’m sure they saved money on the costumes this year in leu of money for the drinks. Can’t say I blame them and the best part, they were all having fun. That’s what it’s about.

Don’t come at me if your kids were the ones that actually dressed up and looked great and spooky. Just send me pictures of them to prove it!

Did I dress up? Yep. We went as parents of college kids. We looked so scary that the kids were asking us where the bathrooms were and were we cops undercover. lol

So if older kids showed up at your door for candy, I hope you didn’t give them a hard time. It’s not like you didn’t want free candy that you took from your own kids stash.

Happy Halloweenie and Enjoy a Margarita today!

Funny Halloween Costumes Video

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