Dear 2022 – Please Don’t Screw This Up Like Your Predecessors. We Need New a Vibe and Less Mad Max Scenarios

Am I right? We are ALL done with the past few years. Lived through it and learned from it. Time to move on and get back to living our best life. No more drama and sleepless nights from the headlines of the 6 0’clock news. That ship has sailed, and we are no longer going to be a victim to it.

Covid is here to stay, and we need to master how to live with it. That’s all I’m going to say about that. If we don’t move forward, we are always going to be stuck in the now. Who wants that?

There’s really not too much to it. We’ve been looking at things all wrong. Like the end is near and no one is fixing anything. While that’s very true, we need to turn that around. Get out of that funk. (Unless it’s a funky tune. Don’t unfollow me. lol) We can change the landscape and vision for the future, but we have to tune out the noise first. Negativity, fear and isolation are done taking up residence in our brains. Let’s fill the void with positivity, friends, good food, music and kindness. We only get this one life. Why not make it count, even if Covid is still lurking and the world still seems so dark.

It’s 2022. A great time to say enough! No more engaging with people still in the dark. Throw them a flashlight and tell them we will see them when they find their way out. In the meantime, we need to do our best work in the world. Look for the good and be a part of it. Stop putting up with what was and lean into what can be. (I think I’ve had a few too many margaritas but Imma keep going).

Tell the News Crews and Politicians that we are done being bamboozled. (I am so excited to use that word!) No more listening to the Race Baiting, Propaganda Machines, and the backwards way of controlling the masses. Make YOUR mark in the world for good. Here are a few tips for a New Vibe in 2022:

  1. Listen more to music and less to the TV.
  2. Eat slightly healthier but never give up the mozzarella sticks and ranch dip.
  3. Get outside more and breathe the fresh air (sans mask when outside!)
  4. Stop giving a shit what someone else is doing unless they are in your space.
  5. Don’t let anyone live rent free in your head.
  6. Make time with friends and family to do fun things.
  7. Get a new job or start a business. Something you’ve always wanted to do.
  8. No excuses and don’t play the victim. Walk away from those that do.
  9. Get a rescue pet.
  10. Clear the clutter from your home, space, mind and soul.
  11. Help those in need.
  12. Social Media is not life, no need to live there.
  13. Make a list of things that you want to change. Cross them off one at a time.

2022 has the potential to be incredible. But it’s only a date, you have to be the one to change. Change is hard but not impossible. What will you do to get 2022 going in the right direction for you?

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

10 thoughts on “Dear 2022 – Please Don’t Screw This Up Like Your Predecessors. We Need New a Vibe and Less Mad Max Scenarios

  1. “A merry heart is good medicine,” (Proverbs) so definitely not tuning in to the news. Every time I stumble on it, they’re talking about the same stuff they were talking about a year ago, which is the same as what they were talking about two years ago. I will leave this world when God calls me home, and if that’s today I won’t be looking back and realizing I’ve spent the last two years of my life hiding in my house, waiting for the news anchors to tell me what to think. Life is too short to waste.

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