The Final Part in the ‘Living Your Best Life Series’ Where YOU Start to See and Feel the Transformation

You’re here! You did it! Do you feel it? It is kinda gradual and this last part in the series will tie it all up in a neat little bow for you. Kind of like the homemade French vanilla icing on the cake! Or chocolate. lol If you missed the previous 4 parts of the series, visit my website and start your journey and join the rest of us who are working towards The Best, most Authentic life we can live!

So, get your journals out and get ready to write your next chapter. It’s yours to do however you want to do it. My series is just a guide on how I found my best life. I hope once you find yours, that you continue to help others find theirs. I really think God put us on this earth to live a great life and help others do the same. I also appreciate all the emails and messages I am getting from those of you that are really benefiting from this series! It makes my heart happy:).

Let’s Recap a little. In our first post, Go After Your Dreams, we came up with our theme song, a definition of Best Life and listed out the obstacles we need to move in order to move forward. In the second post, Passion and Purpose, we journaled and thought about the 12 things to help us find our passion and purpose. In Shifting Your Mindset, we talked about fixed mindset vs. growth mindset. We also delved into positive self-talk and other things to help shift our mindset. In Health, Wealth and Self Care, we looked at tips to help us improve those topics.

Now, it’s time to reflect how we are doing. Let’s answer these questions and journal out thoughts and feels on them too!

  1. Am I using more positive self-talk?
  2. What is my current vision of my best life? How close am I to attaining it?
  3. Are there still obstacles to remove? How can I do that?
  4. Do I have a clear understanding that living my best life isn’t always happy and exciting? That sometimes there will be downs and discouragement and that best life means I look at those challenges with optimism, hope and with the attitude that I can handle these times?
  5. Am I journaling?
  6. Are there other friends and family members that I can help or go through this new journey with them?
  7. Do I have a clearer picture of my passion and purpose?

Vision Board!

What Does Your Vision Board Say?

Above is my Vision Board. The Digital Version. (You can make one in Photoshop, Canva and many more apps).

We used to make vision boards of our future and hang them on the wall or fridge. Somewhere we can see them all the time to be reminded of what we are working towards. Now we can do them digitally and make them screen savers or even print them out poster size! But no matter how you make yours, make it! Keep it where you can see it! Let it keep you inspired to become the person you were meant to be! Live your best life!

A great way to do this, is with friends. Friends who want more out of life too. Make it a girl’s night or weekend retreat! Snacks and Wine are all you need. Well, you do need the materials if you are doing it on poster board.

This is the end of the series. For now. I hope you are inspired to make the changes you need to create a better, more productive life. I have one request though, send me pictures or screen snaps of your Vision Board! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I think you are ready to continue working on your best life on your own now. Follow my blog for more life changing posts! OR just for fun. 🙂

Until Next Week….Here’s a short, funny vision board video.

6 thoughts on “The Final Part in the ‘Living Your Best Life Series’ Where YOU Start to See and Feel the Transformation

  1. I super appreciate your doing this series! It comes at a very important time of life-change for me. I don’t have all the answers for it, and I’m learning it’s ok not to. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to reach for my dreams – they are not thrown away just because of a few changes in my life. I’m going to get my new inspiration board going!!!

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  2. Ironically, I also read about the growth vs. fixed mindset from my writing/life coach Jennifer Louden. I even wrote about it in one of the community group threads I follow on one of her programs for the week ending April 20. (Note that the type-o’s are theirs, not mine.)

    “What do I want to adop a growth mindset about this week?
    Nothing is fixed about us. There is always the opportunity for growth. Desire comes into whether and where I want to adopt a growth mindset.
    What I may want to do about that is to just sit back and relax and enjoy just the peace and quiet w/o feeling there is anything I really have to do or even can do right now which has been my fixed mindset for a while now.”

    I wrote about what I’ve learned from this group here.

    Excuses, Excuses

    Seems I’ve also learned similar things from you. Great minds think alike (as they say)!

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