Disturbing Shopping Story That is Now Part of the New Normal in Suburbia. With a Little Chuckle.

A few of you have asked why I haven’t graced you with more of my awesome blog posts lately. Short answer is Life got in the way! I have to say I was surprised to hear you want more of my mundane dribble! I think we have been so caught up with the past few years of the apocalypse and trying to stay afloat in the pool of never-ending drama that we’ve become numb to anything and everything. But you know what? I got you. I hear you. I see you. We are all on this struggle bus together.

I choose to still live my best life though. I have adapted my mindset to soak in the WTF’s and spit it back out with ok, I can’t fix that but will focus on what I can. After limiting my news watching and reading, as well as steering clear of people who are not good for my mental health, I am handling life a lot better. I hope you are too!

So, what have you done to retrain your mindset and keep pushing through? I would love to know. Are you looking for the joy in life? How about the funny? Let me tell you my latest funny. I mean you have to laugh or cry. I choose laughing.

Here goes. Last week my hubby and I had to go to Walmart. Now, where I live there are a few really good Walmart’s but the closest one to our house is really shady. There are always cops there on patrol and drug deals going on right there at the entrance. I HATE going there. But we thought it would be a quick in-and-out. WRONG!

The hubby dropped me off at the entrance and parked the car. I saw 2 or 3 people leave without getting their receipts checked and the alarm went off. No one stopped them. Then I saw a Sheriff walk in pretty casually. Probably coming in on his time off to grab a fresh burger from the McDonald’s kiosk. (Me making retching sounds). Then the hubby comes in and we make our way to customer service. Let me just say the Walmart Associates were super nice and patient with all the A holes they had to deal with. Why are people so hateful? We get our errand done then head out the door. Hubby goes for the car, and I stand there to wait for my valet service. Then I see this guy coming my way. No shoes and obviously methed out. As he gets closer, I try to move out of his way by guessing where he might stumble to. Didn’t work. He ran right into me not even knowing I was there. Several police cars are at the entrance. This is not surprising at all. Hubby pulls up and I scream GO GO GO as we pull off. (Like the lunatic I am).

The next day I read the news. Apparently, there were some shoplifters in there when we were there. An off-duty Sheriff had to help out and then a few people were arrested and one of them had a gun. The funny thing is, no one seemed jazzed while it was going on. Like a regular thing. You wouldn’t have known it was happening. Just another day in Jurassic Walmart. I will say they had some great summer stuff on sale. But I think I’ll order online.

What crazy thing happened to you this past week?

Peace, Love & Margaritas!

4 thoughts on “Disturbing Shopping Story That is Now Part of the New Normal in Suburbia. With a Little Chuckle.

  1. I avoid Walmart in person. My son graduated High School and I am consumed with the preparation of forms and stuff for sending him off in a few weeks. Mostly so I don’t cry. We haven’t been on vacation. My parents got very sick this summer so I went to Alabama and stepped back into a time of a slow-moving life but a busy one. Where my children say everyone is friendly and everyone knows my Daddy. The highlight of our summer so far was driving down the road with my female child in the back seat fussing at her for ignoring someone because she was on her phone – only to find her on her phone again. When I take the phone and tell her to look out the window – embrace the sun and enjoy the scenery – she now sees something we all wished we missed. I am stuck at a red light further back in a let us say older part of town and there for us all to see is a man standing right at the street with the two little bushes pulling out his willie. Didn’t even try to hide it from view for the cars passing by. So I shut up, gave my female child back her phone, and changed lanes.


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