I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little

I’m about to get all controversial on y’all. I saw this quote on Instagram not too long ago and I chuckled and thought, “yep, that is so me”. I mean I try not to say swear words but it does happen. I’m not perfect nor do I want to be. That would boring. Right? The first time… Continue reading I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little

Confessions of a Cupcakeaholic

I. Want. A. Cupcake. I realize this is not breaking news and there are all kinds of political and social issues we could poke fun of today. But I can’t even think clearly. My sugar level is so low I feel like I could pass out at any minute.  No. I don’t have diabetes and… Continue reading Confessions of a Cupcakeaholic

Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?

With everything going on in our world today it seems we are always on the edge. So many are losing their faith, religion and hope. We are lost and looking for reasons to keep going. And then this happened. Pokémon Go. If you’ve been living under a rock, Pokémon Go is a phone app. It’s… Continue reading Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?

Because I have no words, I’m reposting this.

“I’m sitting here in absolute disbelief.  Sickened by humanity.  Disappointed in the human race.  No wonder aliens wouldn’t bother reasoning with us.  We’re an intolerant, judgmental, hateful bunch of a-holes.  They’ll just use their green-ray guns and vaporize us to smithereens before starting over. “Zoom. Zap. Done.”” Read more here: http://ahdad.com/2016/07/08/the-world-is-burning/

Help! I’m Locked INSIDE!

I know everyone’s been locked out of their house or car but today I was locked INSIDE my house. How did that happen you ask? Well my lovely friends let me tell you. Today I had all kinds of plans. The Hubby needed to get to a physical therapy session and I was headed to… Continue reading Help! I’m Locked INSIDE!

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Sometimes you just want to buy nice things to wear or for the house etc. But when I see something I really want to buy, I remember that we just can’t have nice things. I cannot tell you the amount of times I say, “And that’s why we can’t have nice things!” It’s like we… Continue reading Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Sex in the Driveway & Cocktails

Yeah I know, that was terrible of me to lead you into thinking my post was going to be about sex in a driveway. Get your mind out of the gutter peeps! But there really is a drink called “Sex in the Driveway” and it’s simple to make! I found it on Pinterest. Did you know… Continue reading Sex in the Driveway & Cocktails