Hell is Parenting Teens

Everyday I hear myself saying stuff to my teen boys that I shouldn’t have to say. It’s like all those years of letting them fail to learn a lesson never happened. All the common sense I thought they would “grow into” never materialized. How will they move into adulthood and thrive? I can’t answer that… Continue reading Hell is Parenting Teens

The End of Thelma & Louise’s Vacation 

It was a wild ride. (In our minds anyway). We started out like: And it went from there. We took selfies: We didn’t pull a gun on anyone but we thought about it when this guy blocked our view: We had great meals and fun times with friends and family: But now it’s time to… Continue reading The End of Thelma & Louise’s Vacation 

Lost Shaker of Salt, Thelma & Louise 

This week has been a lot like the Jimmy Buffet song ‘Margaritaville’. We’ve lost track of the days, missing a flip flop, ended up with an extra beach chair and lost the salt shaker. And it’s  nobody’s fault. Another awesome day at the beach! Here’s what’s been happening: 1. Louise set off the bedroom smoke… Continue reading Lost Shaker of Salt, Thelma & Louise 

Thelma, Louise & Burnt Toast

Louise burnt toast this morning and set off the smoke alarm. You can visualize us trying to wave towels at the detector to stop the shrill. Thank God we still had all that stolen sugar from last night for our coffee. We decided to take a shopping day because we are still sun burnt from… Continue reading Thelma, Louise & Burnt Toast

Thelma and Louise – Vaca Day 1

Arrived at our beach condo late yesterday, gorged on Calabash seafood (in Calabash NC – Home of the Hushpuppy) and bought some fudge at Callahans. Headed back to the condo and relaxed on the balcony and listened to the waves roll in. Up early today and on the beach. No creepy guys in speedos yet… Continue reading Thelma and Louise – Vaca Day 1

Gorilla Wars 2016

So here is the video. Shot by a person at the zoo where a 4 year-old child fell into the enclosure of an endangered gorilla named Harambe. I warn you it’s pretty hard to watch especially if you’re a parent. This happened over the weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. Can you even fathom this? I… Continue reading Gorilla Wars 2016