Make America Better….

Sorry, had to do it. (demented laugh). It’s like click bait. You don’t want to even read it but you can’t not look at it either. Don’t worry not going political! Just wanted to remind everyone that it’s not all bad out there and here’s why: I was having lunch with girlfriends the other day.… Continue reading Make America Better….

Things That Keep Me Up At Night

What really truly keeps you up at night? What scares the hell out of you? What keeps you going? Lately, I’ve had trouble getting to sleep. My mind won’t shut off and I find myself staring at the clock and thinking about all the things I can’t change. Maybe it’s time to up my anxiety… Continue reading Things That Keep Me Up At Night

The Problems With Friendships

Sorry but this is going to be a rant day. I have to get it off my chest. I have to find a way to let somethings (people) go. I need to write about the problem with some friendships. Let me start by saying I’m no prize friend. I get that. I didn’t get all… Continue reading The Problems With Friendships

Luke Perry, Generation X, Music & Mixtapes

With the recent death of my heart-throb, Luke Perry and the passing of music icon, Mark Hollis of ‘Talk Talk’, This Generation X’er is in mourning. I know midlifers have several generational reps right now but my generation, Gen X is usually pretty quiet on the news front. I was born in the 60’s but… Continue reading Luke Perry, Generation X, Music & Mixtapes

The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

I’ve heard it so many times. “Is this all there is?” Midlifers in distress. Thinking way to much about the end years. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings! If you are saying to yourself, “Is this all there is”, you aren’t alone. I hear it so often. I have even said it myself… Continue reading The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

A Midlife Moms Advice to New Moms Everywhere. You Got This!

  Can You Keep Your Sanity and Raise Kids? Being a mom to two grown boys has been a huge blessing. But we’ve done all we can to instill our values and beliefs onto them. Now it’s time to let them fly. Or push them out of the nest. Whatever, it’s on them now. We… Continue reading A Midlife Moms Advice to New Moms Everywhere. You Got This!