Blowing in The Wind

*Today’s Blog Post is from DC Stanfa, my margarita partner in crime. She’s normally more snarky and sarcastic in her posts but today she is departing from her usually hilarious stuff to reflect on our current situation. It’s a time for introspection. Everything can’t be hilarious.  Blowing in The Wind I am grateful to have… Continue reading Blowing in The Wind

Covid-19, The Margarita Edition

I know you read my blog for the laughs and rants, but honestly, I got nothing but Virus going on. It’s all anyone can talk about. My entire Twitter, Facebook, Insta, even Pinterest feeds are all about THE virus of the Century. Covid-19 how I HATE you. If you haven’t been paying attention (because you… Continue reading Covid-19, The Margarita Edition

We Are All In This Together!

Oh I had some great posts I wanted to send out this week but I decided to change course this one time. This week has been, to say the least, hell. This virus has gone global and we are all in this mess together. Our President has declared a national emergency and WHO is now… Continue reading We Are All In This Together!

I Guess It’s Time to Talk About the Coronavirus (Covid-19) or Beer Virus..

Trigger Warning: This is satire. I do have a soul and compassion and empathy. But I will fight you if you start hate in the comments.  Since I can’t get away from this topic no matter where I go, I thought I’d start a conversation on the beer Coronavirus. (Corona Beer is so mad right… Continue reading I Guess It’s Time to Talk About the Coronavirus (Covid-19) or Beer Virus..

Rage Writing So You Don’t Slap Anyone And Go To Prison.

As a blogger, I often want to write about current situations. Especially when someone pisses me off. I have written posts that would humble a drunken sailor, but then I start to feel bad and delete it. I know if I just had the balls (golden ovaries) to actually post one of these rage posts… Continue reading Rage Writing So You Don’t Slap Anyone And Go To Prison.

Midlife and Expiration Dates

Just before I sat down to blog today, I had to grab a cup of coffee. Usually we have half n half on hand but not today! I was (as any coffee addict would) about to have a panic attack. Then I spied a half gallon of fat free milk. Winner Winner! Until I noticed… Continue reading Midlife and Expiration Dates

People Watching in South Carolina

I took some time this weekend to get away with Chris, aka Big Daddy. Thing 2 had a lacrosse game in SC but it got canceled. Didn’t want to lose our money on the reservations so we used the time as a mini vacation. (Highly recommend mini vacas) We spent the time shopping, eating some… Continue reading People Watching in South Carolina