When The Easter Bunny Almost Died

I may have told you this story before about Easter. I apologize if I have, raising boys has helped me to lose my mind. But its Easter so I want to share an Easter memory. When I was young, I remember my dad hiding Easter eggs in the backyard, Easter lunch at my grandmothers and… Continue reading When The Easter Bunny Almost Died

Hey Y’all Around The World!

So the singer Pitbull calls himself Mr. Worldwide, so I think we should collaborate. I mean looking at my blogs stats and seeing people following my posts from all over the world makes me Mrs. worldwide right? I have followers from Canada, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia (I know right?), Hong Kong, Moldova, Portugal,… Continue reading Hey Y’all Around The World!

My Day in 12 Painful Steps (I Need a Vacation)

I’m still asleep, hears alarm: What day is this? In the shower: Did I use the conditioner yet? Omg. Now I have to start over because I can’t remember if I used the conditioner or was it just the shampoo. Or was it just conditioner. Damn. I’ll just grab a pop tart since I’m running late.… Continue reading My Day in 12 Painful Steps (I Need a Vacation)

Spring Cleaning, Yard Sales & Evil Spirits

It’s spring and I’d like to say it’s my annual spring purging season but honestly it’s more like my bi-annual clean out. Ok let’s just say it’s been a really long time since I’ve purged the crap, aka evil clutter from my house. Plus we need some fast cash for vacation and now we have… Continue reading Spring Cleaning, Yard Sales & Evil Spirits

Menopause is just another word for Homicidal.

You knew this post was coming right? Menopause. We’ll call this post, Part 1. SO much we need to discuss! So here’s the definition from Merriam-Webster: Definition of menopause 1 :  the natural cessation of menstruation that usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55; also :  the period during which such cessation occurs —called… Continue reading Menopause is just another word for Homicidal.

Coffee Chat & Giveaways!

Today I took over the blog and social media accounts at Coffee Chat Girl and blogged about why I started Midlife Margaritas! Check out her blog to read it! She’s doing a giveaway too that you will just love. If you love coffee, girl time, giveaways and margaritas…you won’t be disappointed! What else do you… Continue reading Coffee Chat & Giveaways!