About Me :)

Hey Y’all it’s Missy from Midlife Margaritas!


Just a midlife mom/wife who is trying to survive parenting in the empty nest life and laundry. As long as there are margaritas, I’m good. I love Jesus but I cuss a little. (OK maybe a lot). Iā€™m a humor blogger/writer and share tales of my insane family life as a midlife mom of older kids and a fantastic supportive hubby. Oh did I mention my love of margaritas?

Missy Farrow is the founder, creator and genius behind midlifemargaritas.com She is also a freelance writer, Social Media consultant and aspiring author. Book coming soon! Midlifemargaritas.com is a humor blog about parenting teens, being a wife and getting through midlife high on margaritas! Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her blog!
My Addictions: Cocktails, Shopping, Beach Trips, Naps. And Pizza.

Raleigh NC is home and I have 2 kids ‘Thing 1 & 2’ (one in college and the other just graduated college!). Married to my bestie, Big Daddy, I also include my girlfriends Susan & Cheryl as part of the blog.Ā  (They don’t know any better). I’m Currently writing a book but have to wait for a few relatives to die so I can publish it. Because lawsuits.

Also included in my shenanigans are my girls Susan and Cheryl.

Susan, Cheryl and Me!

Please like me, comment and share me. (My posts that is). Send me your best cocktail recipes too.

* Mother of the Year. Since 1997. My kids beg to differ.
* Top 100 Blogs on the Web via Feedspot – June 2017
* Top 100 Humor blogs via Healthy Moms Magazine – September 2016
*Top 10 Midlife Parenting Blogs 2018 via BlogFeed
*Top 20 Bloggers in Raleigh NC via Feedspot – July 2019

Trigger Warning: I cuss a little.

Me and Big Daddy


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