About Me :)

Hey Y’all it’s Missy from Midlife Margaritas!

Wife, Mom & Blogger. I’m a humor writer and I write about midlife, marriage, parenting older kids and anything else that I find funny all while sipping cocktails! I’m on FB too (midlife margaritas) if you’re looking for a daily fix of fun and margaritas, as well as Instagram and Pinterest…I live in my computer.

Raleigh NC is home and I have 2 kids ‘Thing 1 & 2’ (one in college and the other just graduated college!). Married to my bestie, Big Daddy, I also include my girlfriends Susan & Cheryl as part of the blog.  (They don’t know any better). I’m Currently writing a book but have to wait for a few relatives to die so I can publish it. Because lawsuits.

Please like me, comment and share me. (My posts that is). Send me your best cocktail recipes too.

Trigger Warning: I cuss a little.

Me and Big Daddy


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