Midlife Friends & Mayhem

This past weekend, Susan and I had a staycation at my house. Who is Susan? She is Louise to my Thelma, Lucy to my Ethel. She is my partner in crime especially on vacations and shopping. She is supposed to be my blog partner but she can’t even turn on a computer. Currently she is… Continue reading Midlife Friends & Mayhem

It’s November and I Don’t Feel the Christmas Cheer.

Bah Humbug! Is it wrong that I have zero desire to buy gifts for anyone this year? Anyone else feel this way? I mean I could do it all online and it would be easy peasy and all that but I don’t even want to do that. It’s not that I don’t love my friends… Continue reading It’s November and I Don’t Feel the Christmas Cheer.

More Halloween Tweets for 2018

Ok. I love Halloween and I have spent an awful amount of time on Twitter lately. I am obsessed with Halloween tweets. Obvi. So I wanted to share more! I did a top Halloween tweets a few posts ago too. But I had to add to it! And I am also lazy and haven’t been… Continue reading More Halloween Tweets for 2018

It’s Ok If Your Kids See You Are Not A Perfect Parent

When you have that first child and you try to be the best mom ever, suffer from postpartum depression, cry a lot and put the diaper on wrong a few times, Don’t beat yourself up. Your kid will need to see you are NOT perfect. And it will benefit them in a positive way. How… Continue reading It’s Ok If Your Kids See You Are Not A Perfect Parent

Halloweens from our Youth & Hellish Costumes

Let’s start with the obvious here. You could not breathe in these masks back in the 70s. You felt like you were being suffocated or worse. Halloween costumes back then were frightening, itchy, flammable and so not politically correct.  They were made with rayon, polyester or plastic and if your parents smoked you had to… Continue reading Halloweens from our Youth & Hellish Costumes

10 Funny Halloween Tweets for 2018

It’s October and was close to 90 degrees where I am. So it’s no wonder I am not in the Fall/Halloween spirit yet. But it is almost time so if you are like me and are trying hard to get in the “spirit” of things….Check out the tweets I found this week! This might be… Continue reading 10 Funny Halloween Tweets for 2018

Parents, Land your Helicopters. Seriously.

Believe it or not, I have been asked for parenting advice from time to time. Even though I love my cocktails, swear a little (ok a lot) and call my kids Thing 1 & 2 because I can’t remember their names, oh and also call them “Children of the Corn”, people still ask my advice.… Continue reading Parents, Land your Helicopters. Seriously.