10 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed with Shark Week

This week is shark week. ><{{^{•>



The Facts:
  • Shark Week premiered July 17, 1988.
  • Created by Tom Golden. (Discovery Channel)
  • It started as a way to clear up myths and misconceptions about sharks.


Now we know so much more about sharks but people are still getting attacked. Guess somebody’s not watching TV during shark week.

Things to think about during shark week:
  1. Something touched you in the ocean and you literally walked on water to get away from it.
  2. You think scuba divers who feed sharks for fun are unstable and need to explore their childhood relationships with their moms to explain this desire.
  3. You want to yell at swimmers in the ocean in early mornings and late afternoons to get out of the water because these time slots are shark feeding times.
  4. You know the difference between the shark fin and the porpoise fin. But you’ll still stay out of the water just incase you’re wrong.
  5. When you watch ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ you just know all the sharks are now zombie sharks.
  6. You understand sharks can rip apart those shark cages so you ponder #2 again.
  7. If you saw someone being attacked by a shark you would a. Pass out or b. Hope someone else risks their life to save that person.
  8. You are certain flooded streets near the coast contain sharks so you won’t even consider a beach vacation during a hurricane or rainy weather just in case.
  9. The movie Jaws made you realize that sharks remember people and WILL get revenge. So never get on a boat with a person of questionable morals or who may have killed a shark in the past. You just never know.
  10. You would leave your spouse or child in the ocean to save yourself if someone yelled SHARK. But you would never admit it.
Happy Shark Week Peeps!

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