The End is Near Y’all!

The End Is Near Y'all!

The world is ending y’all. I swear it. The signs are everywhere. I mean think about it. Floods, fires, locusts and that’s just in MY neighborhood. Watch the news for 5 minutes and you’re thinking, “is this real or is this the new season of Fear the Walking Dead?”  By the way I can’t wait till Walking Dead starts back up.

 So I have a short list of things that have me concerned for the future. I’m not being dramatic but I think we all need an emergency plan. Like those prepper people. Ok maybe I am a little dramatic. But you have to agree things are pretty scary out there in the real world.

 First is Zika. I’m way past the baby making stage but I still fear Zika. I mean even a normal skeeter bite leaves a lump the size of a golf ball on me. Not to mention I attract mosquitos. Lots of them. So no Florida trips for me this year.  Sorry Florida. I really am worried for you guys.

 Snow. It’s only August but I’m afraid of snowstorms. I hate being trapped in my house for weeks on end with my family. Here in North Carolina we don’t really get snow, it’s more like ice. And that’s not even fun. And people race to the store for milk and bread at the mention of flurries. That would be funny but it means if you don’t go get milk and bread too there will be none left from the crazy people who raced to buy it all up! It’s a dilemma for sure. 

 Then there’s hurricanes. We haven’t had a bad hurricane season in years so I’m sure it’s coming. Fun fact: both my kids were conceived during hurricanes when we had power outages. There was nothing else do to. Literally. Eew right?

 Voting season. Omg. 2016 and it’s going to be a blood bath at the polls come November. I’m predicting Armageddon and zombie takeovers. Did anyone see the movie: The Purge: Election Year? Yeah that. If you haven’t seen the movie, please google the trailer. You’ll see what I mean.

 Cookies. Writing my first draft of this post at 9:30 at night and Big Daddy is making cookies. That means I’ll eat about 20 of them and have nightmares tonight. (But not really afraid of cookies.)

 I suggest we stop making fun of Doomsday Preppers and start making friends with them. Not sure we have time to start building our own bunkers. Maybe we could start buying Tiny Homes. Those are easy to move around in case we are on the run!

 While I’m half kidding around, I am kinda worried.  *laughs nervously… 


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