Goodbye Summer. I Love You.


Hey Happy Shiny People!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer. And that makes me so so so sad. I’m not ready. It’s like my BFF is moving to another country. Ok maybe that was a tad dramatic but you have to understand I loathe winter. LOATHE it.

Fall is ok with the leaves turning pretty fallish colors and it’s not frigid yet. But those leaves aren’t going to rake themselves and whenever I even look like I am going to ask my kids to rake, they sense it with their Spidey senses and they vanish before I can form the words, “Will you please rake the leaves?” So there’s that. I usually end up hiring someone to come rake the leaves.  *Yes I know I have lots of run-on sentences but that is how I talk. I keep going till I run out of breath.

You are probably saying, “if they were MY kids…” lol Well they are not your kids.

But let’s get back to summer. Warm/Hot days. Poolside or beachfront. Lazy. Sweet Tea in a mason jar. (Not really, we have lots of mismatched plastic cups though). Grilling out every night. Fireflies, butterflies, baby birds.

Summer also means my Vitamin D is on point and my summer skin tone is slightly blotched red. Add in a few cocktails and my nose glows! See, benefits.

Winter just sucks. There is no upside for me. I’m not a mountain girl and I hate skiing. We don’t have a fireplace (that is a whole other story). Kick in some seasonal depression and mix that with a few cocktails and you have one cold, white, angry bitch who cannot get enough hot café mocha with extra whip to get warmed up!

So my friends of summer, I am trying to get in the mindset that it is going to happen, like it or not. Summer is going to fade soon and Fall will only ease me into Winter. It’s gonna suck and I can’t avoid it. Kudos to you if you like winter.

Maybe a nice new sweater and handbag will make me feel better. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer. I Love You.

  1. Aww, Fall is coming and I couldn’t be happier!

    But that’s probably because I live in Sacramento, where summers are over 100 degrees for weeks and weeks. Fall means everything finally cools down. we can have soup and wear sweaters again. Yay!

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