It’s Fall and I Need an Apple Cider with Rum Please!


Crap. It’s fall already? But it’s still in the 90s here! I can’t enjoy a pumpkin spice latte until the temp is below 70. 

I’m not even done with my Wal-Mart bucket-o-margarita mix. But I am looking forward to whipping up some hot apple cider with a splash of rum. If you’re not sitting on your front porch sipping hot rum cider while giving out candy at Halloween, are you even an American?

And you know I bought out all of Michaels Halloween decorations back in July when they started putting them out. Now to convince Big Daddy to go with me to the grocery store and buy a few pumpkins. We used to go to the produce stands to get our pumpkins but why do that when you can kill two birds with one stone and get pumpkins AND some booze at the grocery. Winner winner chicken dinner!

On one hand I’m excited for the leaves to turn fall colors but when they fall off the trees and all over my yard I have to bribe my kids to blow and rake. My kids are older and have jobs so by bribe I mean offer up a car or trip to a ski resort. I usually end up paying some random neighbor kid. I used to think my kids would feel bad seeing another kid raking our leaves but noooo. They just tell me what a good job I did hiring someone to get our yard looking nice. Really? Reason #985 why I drink. 

It’s pretty crappy that this fall comes in a major voting season. Kinda like hunting season but without a gun or dog. So I’m predicting liquor stores are gonna see a huge rise in sales in November. I almost can’t wait to see how it all turns out. The drama and insanity are going to be worth the wait. lol I know everyone says they are over the political drama and craziness but secretly I think most of us are enjoying it. I’m telling you, The Walking Dead is about to become a reality show. 

Sorry I got off track. Fall, it’s not my favorite season but I’m getting excited. Time to put away the margarita salt and get out the rum and super cute coffee mugs. Unpack the sweaters (or just buy new ones!) and get out the fuzzy socks. Head to the state fair and eat as much fried dough as I can afford. Happy fall y’all. 🙂 

6 thoughts on “It’s Fall and I Need an Apple Cider with Rum Please!

  1. I am with you! I would love some apple cider with rum. Out here in Chicago it is cool enough for a drink like that too. I hope your kids help you rake the lawn. My kids are much younger so I need to come up with a bribe for them. I agree with you that the liquor stores are going to be crazy busy after election day. This is a very heated election year. Have a fabulous weekend.

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    1. Oh Chicago! Too cold for me there. lol Enjoy your weekend too! Bribe the little ones with candy. I used to save have their Halloween candy and bribe them through the year with it when they were younger. lol


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