365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.


Day 1: Check all cabinets to make sure you have enough Tequila for the challenge. If not, borrow from friends and neighbors and only go to the liquor store as a last resort. Even then ask for a coupon.

Day 2: Limes. Son of a B, forgot the limes. Go to the grocery store and buy at least a dozen limes. There’s no way to buy enough for the whole challenge. They do go bad you know. So be prepared to buy a few limes at every grocery store trip.

Day 3: Upload pictures of the Tequila and limes to Instagram. Tweet about the challenge. Snap story your lime shopping to all your SNAPCHAT followers. Post it to your Facebook status. Pinterest is for another day. Don’t do that yet.

Day 4: Make up several batches of margaritas. Enough to get you through a weekend. You may have to clean out the fridge for storage. You only need a small space in the fridge for actual food. Once the fridge is sparkling clean, take a pic and but it on Insta! Your friends are starting to become envious of how much you have your life together AND still be doing some random 365 day challenge.

Day 7: Had to skip some days. How are we going to make it through 365 days? This is too hard. Time to throw in the towel. We don’t need the kid’s school PTA to think we are drunken stay-at-home moms. SO for day 7 let’s just watch some ‘Real Housewives of Wherever’ and think about this.

Day 9: Ok we are back in!  Let’s freeze some margaritas for the near future. Running out of Ziploc’s? Use breast milk bags if you have any leftover! Use the jumbo size. Now those PTA moms are starting to get wise. They see you rolling…

Day 14: By the way we are drinking at least one margarita a day and posting it on social media with captions like, “Day 12: Margarita Challenge Accepted: #blessed.

Day 22: Crap! WE missed some days. Not sure why. Time to get serious and use PINTEREST!

Day 43: Doctor’s appointment. Have to find out why my tongue feels like a wool winter coat each morning. Hope it’s just a virus.

Day 55: Set up a Pinterest board for different margarita recipes. Just search margarita recipes and save about 250 of them to your board. Easy Peasy.

Day 125: Let’s change this challenge to 200 days. I can’t even.

Day 175: Really boast your social media strategy.  Make sure you are taking the most awesome pictures and using tons of hashtags like: #365changedto200daymargaritachallenge, #margaritamonday, #whoseyourdaddy, #mykidscanentertainthemselvesdontbejealous etc.

Day 200: Challenge over. What a year (ok 200 days). What I found out about myself during this challenge:

*I now have an Amazon Prime account and I don’t remember opening up.

*I am allergic to large amounts of Margarita Salt.

*I have lots of new social media friends, especially in Costa Rica. Hope to meet them soon.

*I no longer have to go to PTA meetings, apparently they look down on stay-at-home moms who still have breast milk bags and the kids are teens.

*Uber drivers know me by name now. All of them.

*Was asked not to make my famous rum cake for the church bake sale this year.

*I was asked to be the Mardi Gras Parade Queen in my hometown. Even got free beads!

Can’t wait for the next challenge out there!

9 thoughts on “365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.

  1. In a previous life I actually was a PTA mother. I can tell you now, hand on heart, this amount of Margaritas would’ve made the job a WHOLE lot easier! One day I’ll do a blog post about the ups & downs, ins & outs and general hair pulling/silent screaming experience that it was!! 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh! I served on the PTA board for 2 years, then decided I was much too lazy for that. Then decided that I needed to “stay involved” and volunteered for a bunch of crap. Then slacked off on all the crap and thought about quitting. Then gave into the guilt and stayed up till 2 AM to catch up. I super badly need this margarita challenge!

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