Mother’s Day is Not for Everyone. Especially if You Don’t Like Her. 

Just added another Mother’s Day to the books yesterday. Have to say it was a great one. The boys (including Big Daddy) took me to the beach for lunch on the waterway. They know the best gift to give me (besides their undying love and chocolate ) is beach time. The mountains are fine and I’d never say no to a trip closer to the sky, but my heart is always at the beach. And the closest Tikki Bar. 

I totally get it if you don’t have your mom in your life anymore. Maybe she’s passed on, or far away or maybe you just don’t like her and you’re just not into Mother’s Day. I get it. And I realize how lucky I am to still have my mom and my 96 year old grandmother still in my life. I don’t take that for granted. So yes my heart hurts for anyone whose mom has passed or the current situation is not a good one.

 But I love Mother’s Day for a more selfish reason. My kids are older (and I actually like my kids) and way more fun these days. The gifts are even better. A gift card to my favorite place, a shot glass with a funny quote with swear words, a coffee mug that looks like a grownup owns it, lunch at the beach, a movie I like and that’s not a Disney or Pixar movie!

I remember when the kids were toddlers and we celebrated Mother’s Day with the extended family and how much work it was to get them dressed, fed and in the car for the drive to grandmothers house. Then the meltdowns because they were hungry, tired and over it. I would end up exhausted and over it too. So mom, if you have young ones, it will become more fun. I promise. (Unless you’re one of those optimistic moms who just loves every age and thinks your child is perfect, Then just know it will always stay the same). Lol

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the younger years because I did. But now they get Mother’s Day and they appreciate me. Circle of life. 

Just a couple more years and the boys will be old enough to have Margaritas with me on this special day. (Does saying that make me a bad mom?) Meanwhile its back to the weekly grind. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day if you’re a mom. I’d love to hear if you have a great/funny Mothers Day story! Share in the replies or email me at and let me know if I can post your story on my Facebook page! 

A special shoutout to my hubby for knocking me up twice. Your evil plan paid off. 🙂

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