This is the Year I lose My Mind!


This school year is going to be a record setter. I have my oldest graduating college and my youngest graduating high school. And I’m not even close to accepting this as reality. I mean, I feel like they were just toddlers yesterday! They were shorter than me. They were sweet and loving and called me mommy. Now they’re both way taller than me, loud, messy and obnoxious. But they’re mine.

This makes it official that we’ll be empty nesters by next year this time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to less laundry, less groceries and less mess.  But I’ve had nearly 20 years of it and I’m very used to it. Change will be good right? Big Daddy and I have done all we can to prepare them for the world. I figure if they can survive my wonderful parenting skills they should be good to go in the world. 

 Now with high school graduation coming, there is so much to do. Senior pictures need to be done to mark the end of this milestone. I just read an article about how parents are taking senior pictures to a whole new level spending thousands of dollars on them. Are you kidding me? My iPhone takes great pictures thank you very much. Here’s what I’m referring to here, you have to watch the video. I mean you HAVE to:

 I’m stunned. I mean really?

 Well Anywho, this school year is going to be packed with “last moments” for both my kids. I know I’ll cry but I’ll laugh too. And you my readers, I’ll make sure you take this wild ride with me all year! 

4 thoughts on “This is the Year I lose My Mind!

  1. I looked at the pictures. OMG — under what circumstances could you even think of associating a bear cub with graduation. I don’t see any team logo anywhere. “Here we are in senior year — guess I’ll go find me a bear.” Good luck with grads and the ensuing silence. cheers

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  2. I mean on one hand who doesn’t want a picture of them as a mermaid? On the real world hand that’s down right ridiculous. Maybe if I crapped money…but no can’t justify it. Can’t wait to read your posts as this year continues!!! 🙂

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