Chick-fil-a and High School Graduation


I know I am so late on this weeks post! But having one kid graduate college the other week and my youngest graduating high school tomorrow, I have been just a little busy. This morning my youngest (Thing 2) went to our local Chick-fil-a in his cap and gown. Weird right? Here’s why:

My kid loves Chick-fil-a for breakfast, so each morning he goes there and gets breakfast before he heads to school. I guess he doesn’t really care for frozen waffles or pop-tarts anymore. I am not one of those moms who cooks a big, nutritional breakfast so he knew it was survival to get his hot meal somewhere else.

While going there everyday, he met so many awesome employees, managers and patrons who go there every morning too. He is quick to say hello to everyone and share a smile each day. I swear he got his best manners from hanging out there. He actually says, “my pleasure” all the time. lol Thanks Chick-fil-a for teaching my child politeness!

So today he went in cap and gown and got his breakfast and some pictures. One older man who is there every morning told Thing 2 that he would never know how wonderful it was to see him everyday, share a wave and a smile and some small talk. It made his day, everyday.

So I have to say I am so super proud of Reed (Thing 2) for not just graduating, but sharing his beautiful dimpled smile and cheerfulness with others. And the biscuits and hash browns are pretty good too!

Cheers Y ‘all!

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