This Week’s 6 Funny Tweets About Booze. Because We Need to Laugh More.


Y’all. I think everyone just needs to calm the hell down. Even the funny blogs I follow are having a hard time finding humor. Facebook friends and relatives are posting lots of fake news and political opinions. It’s not fun there anymore. Twitter is the same way. It literally took me days to find funny tweets to share with y’all! 

We need a break from all the BS. I seldom watch the news anymore. I stay way from big crowds and malls now. I’ve become a passive aggressive hermit. I fell like America is in desperate need of some good old fashioned fun. You know, belly laughs. Even the late night comedians can’t come up with anything funny except politics and that’s becoming tired, boring and unimaginative. 

The comedy clubs are full of political banter too. Where are the really funny people? Have they all decided to hang up their red noses? Have they given up? I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON HUMOR! I will hunt it down and beg it to come back. WE need to laugh. So calm down you political A-holes. Shut up for a New York minute please. Some of us just want to enjoy a peaceful cup of whisky with a side of mozzarella sticks. You angry people need to take a breath. Life is too short. 

In other news, the new ‘The Purge’ movie comes out on July 4th. If you don’t have time to see it, google it because I think purging is where the US is headed. Ha ha. Not funny. But it’s more realistic than a Zombie Apocalypse. 

So I am adding a few funny booze tweets that might make you chuckle today. Including one of my own. Hopefully we will get back to funny stuff that makes people happy. Instead of stupid people who are not amusing at all and who are ruining our social media and TV and friendships. So get happy peeps! Life is short! Here are the tweets:


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