Relationships. Midlife & Beyond

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Hello Margarita Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I want to talk about relationships, friendships and beyond midlife. Sounds utterly depressing right? lol I promise it’s not. Last week Susan (Louise to my Thelma) and I went to visit my mother and grandmother. We started out meeting my mom and her friend of 30 years for lunch at a seafood place in my hometown. Let’s just say the average age in the restaurant was about 85. lol But the food is always good and the hush puppies hot!

My mom and her friend June met when my parents moved in next door to June. That was a long time ago and the fact they are still real, true friends is pretty rare. How many friends do you have that are forever friends? I have a few and I cherish them greatly! Partly because they know my secrets of which could keep me from going into politics. lol My mom and June are just that kind of relationship. My mom is in the green and June is in the red with a white sweater in the headline picture. 

Susan and I loved hearing their fun stories of being neighbors and I wish I could post some of those stories but June threatened me. That’s ok she bought my lunch. lol We were so loud and obnoxious I am sure we ran off at least 3 tables! That’s pretty good. Oh and did I tell you that we all ordered off the senior menu and no one questioned our age? WTH? 

I tell you all of this because when you are at your midlife point, you start to wonder how things will be as you age. We are already feeling the aches and pains of age. My grey hairs are wiry and out of control. And Susan walks with a limp. But listening to my mom and June reminded us that age is really just a number and if you take some Motrin, see your doctor regularly, have a cocktail on occasion and move around some, you will live a long happy life. Case in point, my 97-year-old grandmother!

My grandmother is in the picture with myself and my mom. Three generations. We recently moved her into an assisted living community and I think she likes it. She has put on some weight from all the good food and they get her up and moving at least to eat three meals a day. She said her only complaint is when some of the other women get confused and try to go into her room. I told her they just want to visit. She said they just need to stay in their own rooms. lol 

So after all that, Susan and I headed back to our town and back to our families. We have some great adventures and I am sure we will have so many more. So find your Thelma and Louise, ride or die, combo and keep moving. Take time to be with your friends and continue to make memories as long as you are able!

Cheers Y ‘all!


3 thoughts on “Relationships. Midlife & Beyond

  1. Beautiful ladies, all!
    I’ve been married for 34 years… (Child bride.) ( Well not quite, but that’s my story.)… and as much as I love my husband, it’s the friendships with my girlfriends that have gotten me through the toughest times. We laugh, we cry, we scream…occasionally all at the same time. They keep me sane. (Or my version of it anyway)

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