Carolina Strong & Have You Marked Yourself Safe?

Carolina StrongStill getting through Hurricane Florence here in the Carolinas. While I live in central NC, we have had our share of flooding, trees down, power outages and yes, today we have had tornadoes! But as I mark myself “safe” on Facebook, I am thrilled with all the good works being done in the Carolinas by so many people. From linemen to first responders to the average person, everyone is helping someone else. THIS is what it’s about here in the Carolinas.

I started seeing T-shirts with the “Carolina Strong” representing both North and South Carolina before the hurricane. I found out that if you order this shirt, they give a donation to Samaritans Purse for relief help for the Carolinas. You can do that here


 But there has also been drama. Lots of drama. Looting. I just want to know who thinks it’s ok to loot during a crisis? In Wilmington NC, there was a General Dollar being looted. A 2 man news crew pulled up and started filming it. These people weren’t taking diapers or formula or anything you might could ‘try’ to explain away, they were taking tennis shoes, clothes and anything they could throw in a garbage bag and run with. They were laughing as they fled. It was like they sent out a call to everyone to show up and let’s flash mob rob this place! Then, the camera man was threatened and as they got back in their vehicle, someone shot at them. SERIOUSLY?

I actually heard a few people say, it’s racist to go to a low-income neighborhood and film people doing crime. Like looting that Dollar General. WHAT??????????? I don’t care how much you have or don’t have, what color you are or what planet you are from. Crime is Crime. It’s opportunistic and wrong. Stop defending this. It hurts everyone who is in need. That’s all I’m gonna say on that.

But the amount of good things happening is astounding! It’s so nice to turn on the TV and see all these heart warming stories coming out of such tragedy. So much better than watching politics on TV. I’m over all that. Aren’t you? Like this from Airbnb:

And this from a normal family on their way to vacation in North Carolina:

The News is full of help and relief stories. And for that we are all thankful. But its pictures like this one that says so much. Linemen from all over coming to help.


As of this post, Raleigh NC is still having flash flooding and sporadic power outages and a few tornadoes. But we fared really well. Other places are devastated. My youngest attends UNC-Wilmington and won’t be going back for a while. They are trying to get the campus back up and running but getting to Wilmington is a feat unto itself right now. So much for my Empty Nest…

So, since I have been inundated with Hurricane stuff, I haven’t had much to rant about. I love my town and my state. I am thankful beyond measure for everything I have and that all my friends and family are marked “safe” on Facebook. Please continue to help us and contact me if you need more information on how to help. We appreciate everything! 

Finally, here are some fun hurricane memes I found on the interwebs. Enjoy and Cheer’s Y’all!



Stay Safe my friends!


7 thoughts on “Carolina Strong & Have You Marked Yourself Safe?

  1. Glad you’re safe and were spared the worst of it. I lived in Jacksonville, N.C. for 17 years and never saw flooding like this. The town is completely underwater and many of my friends can’t get back. This storm is a disaster that will take a long time to recover from…. my heart goes out to my favorite southern state!

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