2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?


Hey there! We made it to 2019! (Almost).

Every year I dread the “New Year, New You” cliché. I give everyone about 30 days before we roll back into our “old” selves. But you know we are all going to try anyway. Maybe one out of one hundred will actually improve and change. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just a realist here. So, what do you want to change? How are you going to change? What will keep you motivated?

Hell I’m just happy to be alive! My lifestyle of ‘rich and famous’ includes southern comfort foods, cheese and booze. And if I have to give up any of them, people around me won’t be able to tolerate me. Exercise includes some Yoga and going upstairs once a day. I’m just being real with Y’all. I know some of you are runners/walkers and eat healthy and all that jazz. Good for you! I used to be you. Then I had kids and I never recovered. But just like most of you, I’m going to try again to be a better, healthier version of myself. TRY.

I used to love to go out on NYE, drink and be merry and see all my friends and listen to loud 80’s bands. But as of midlife, I have toned it down. I hate going out on holidays. Can’t stand the crowds and the loudness. Give me a few good friends, frozen margaritas and a little Ryan Seacrest counting down and I’m as happy as a pig in mud. I never make the midnight hour though and most of my friends are home in bed, like me, at 9:30pm. I’ve seen the ball drop. I don’t have to keep seeing it year after year. 

Being empty nesters in 2019 will bring some peace and quiet to the house. Hopefully the grand puppy will mature a little and stop eating the siding on the house and leave the TV remote alone. Well we can hope can’t we? Maybe I’ll have more time to blog about what bothers me in my older age. Create a new margarita recipe or actually write that book. Anything is possible right?

One thing I won’t be in 2019 is a Blog Influencer. lol Have you heard of these? Mostly younger moms who influence their readers to buy things while they get kickbacks or freebies from big companies. Honestly, I’d do it for an Alcohol manufacturer. Or maybe a tropical island resort. But that’s about all I’m going to influence you guys with. lol Sometimes I think I’m just the black sheep of the blog community. 

My goal in 2019 is to keep you guys smiling. More stories from the trenches of a margarita drinking, mom swearing family life. If I can help your day turn around with a chuckle or better yet, belly laugh, then I know my job is done. We can’t all be perfect moms/wives. We have to laugh at ourselves and each other. It’s called being REAL. No fakeness  here. I love having all of you in my “tribe”.

Remember you can get more laughs if you follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page. I post daily funnies there. Share me with a friend who needs to know she is not alone in the midlife crisis of 2019. Dads too! I have a few of them following. Let’s make 2019 a great year whether we follow through with our resolutions or not. Let’s make America Fun again!

Cheers Y’all!

6 thoughts on “2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?

  1. What is it about midlife that makes us so miserable in crowded places? (maybe it’s not a midlife thing, my teen isn’t a big fan either). Let me know if you find an alcohol manufacturer or resort that’s willing to provide “kickbacks”

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