Midlife Margaritas Version of ‘Twas The Night Before….

'Twas The Night Before...

You’ve all heard the traditional story of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, now read Midlife Margarita’s version:

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house, a mom was found sleeping soundly on her couch.

The stockings were empty and the tree leaned on the stairs, St. Nick would have to be quiet to get his sack through there.

The children were out with friends for a bit because mom had been drinking with Aunt Susan and Aunt Trish.

The house was a mess and dad no where to be found, He was in the basement watching the game without sound.

All of a sudden he heard a loud scream and flew up the stairs like is was a bad dream.

There he saw Santa with his big red sack, and it startled him so much he took a step back.

Santa said, “Hey man what’s with the women, they look like they’ve been drinking margaritas with lemons”.

Dad then replied, “Yep, Santa they’ve been at it all night. So dad helped Santa clean up the house, and put out the light.

The kids had come in and went straight to bed, they knew Santa was there by the red of his sled.

Dad woke up mom, Susan and Trish. Told them to go up to bed and dream what they wish.

He cleaned up the drinks and put away the blender, dusted the den and made it look splendor.

The next morning the kids woke excited to see all the gifts that were left  under the tree.

Mom and her friends were excited too, they all got mimosas and some coffee to brew.

Then dad made breakfast and all was just great till mom and her friends met their Christmas morning fate.

They ran out of coffee but what do you know, the tv was blaring and talking of snow!

The whole family was happy and filled with Christmas Cheer and decided that maybe they’d go to Aunt Trish’s next year.

So moms all over the world on this special day, remember that margaritas can get you through any day.

Whether it’s Christmas or some other time, Make sure the gifts are wrapped and you are asleep before nine.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a great day, I hope you get good stuff and a ride on Santa’s sleigh….

Peace Love and Margaritas






















































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