Later 2019. You were good to me but 2020 is going to be Unstoppable!


I’ve heard you. A lot of you said 2019 was not a great year. Well, for me it was fantastic! I am 4 years into this blog now and have met so many new people through this blog. Awesome, unique and wonderful people. Not to mention my blog group that I meet with monthly, who I now consider my good friends. 

2019 also was great for my social media business and I am pretty sure I upped my meme game on my FB fan page too this year. I even lost 18 pounds since Thanksgiving on the 16 hour fast. (Message/Email me if you’ like more info on that). All in all the year was pretty kick-ass for me. I even started writing a book. My goal is to have it finished in 2020. 

Some of you had a rough year. Maybe you lost a loved one/pet. Lost a job or your health went in the wrong direction. I get it. My hope is that 2020 will be kind to you. Others I find have suffered the political illness that is going around. That one is really rough. I had to stop watching the news and distance myself from any arguments that people had. Even deleted friends on Facebook because they were so sick with the political illness that they couldn’t stop spreading hate and madness. It’s a real thing. But my life is way to short to catch that illness and be miserable.

We already have the most division in the US that I have ever seen in my life. It’s bitter, hard, unbalanced and is the root of a lot of depression and suicide. It’s also not just the US but other countries as well. Maybe it’s time to look inward and (the words from my favorite Christian Comedian who recently fell from grace, John Crist) “Check Your Heart”.

John Crist is a great comedian. Made mistakes in his personal life and I am extending him Grace and Mercy and hope he comes back to make us laugh. Everyone deserves another chance. We are so very quick to judge nowadays that we forget we have our faults and vices too. We need to “check our hearts”. 

I know everyone would like to blame President Trump for all the worlds problems, but truth is, It’s OUR faults. How we behave is how our hearts are leading us. We have the power to change the world, to help others, to stop spreading the hate. Although some of us are too far gone. But it’s on us to be good citizens and humans. Not anyone at the top or in congress or in politics at all. We can’t continue to keep blaming others even if they are wrong. We must change ourselves and our hearts to do the right thing and to extend grace and mercy. Until that happens, no president or politician will ever be able to bring the people together. Just us. So we need to Change our hearts and be better.

Guess you didn’t think you were going to get a lecture did you? lol Sorry. I only meant for all of us to make the conscious decision to be the people/humans we want others to be. Lead by example and be more loving and less hateful. Might make FB and Twitter a little boring but we could all use the change. Notice I didn’t say give up “sarcasm”.


Now 2020. It’s going to rock! I have been into this “One Word” thing. You choose one word that will describe you and the year you are going to have. One words beats having to make resolutions. My word is UNSTOPPABLE! I’m on a roll and I feel like 2020 is just going to skyrocket for me. And I’m not going to sit back and wait for anything. Midlife is just a word. It’s not the downhill part of the cycle of life. It’s the next phase! You can find out more about the One Word challenge here:

Another thing that will happen with my blog is that I want to concentrate some on topics like Anxiety and Depression. Seems weird in a humor blog right? Well as cheery and awesomely funny as I am, I also suffer depression and anxiety. I feel like a lot of you do too. We can make fun of it and discuss it and hopefully we can help others who suffer these things too. I can bet a lot of you suffer. Let’s work on it! Don’t worry, I will still be the same sarcastic, crazy and somewhat humorous cocktail drinker that I am now. 

So what’s your word going to be? Let me know! I would love to hear from you. I get lots of emails and messages but I try to answer ALL of them. Lets rock 2020!


Peace Love and Margaritas

16 thoughts on “Later 2019. You were good to me but 2020 is going to be Unstoppable!

  1. A very welcome lecture. I’m totally with you on taking personal responsibility to be more tolerant. I agree that the “political illness” has bred hatred and turned friends into enemies. I’ve unfollowed and unfriended people on both sides of the political fence because they spewed so much hatred. My boundaries are clearer to me more now than ever—2019 was a fabulous year for me, as well. I escaped the soul-sucking corporate career and began writing full time. I l landed my dream literary agent who has also become a great friend. I’m so happy to also call you a friend now! I look forward to a kickass year in which I will continue to grow, share joy and shine some light in the midst of any “darkness.” My word for 2020 is ZAZZLE!
    🙃 Peace, Love and Happy New Year 🎆

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  2. Love it!! Unstoppable is the perfect word to launch into a new year! If you want a UK blog buddy, check out my blog this year. I’d love an American visitor. I’d love any visitor, come to that! Lol. Happy 2020. Mel X

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  3. Timely blog. Thank you.
    And yes, 2019 was not a banner year. A lot of llama drama all around, plus the loss of my Dad after a long and painful battle with ALZ, sucker punched a big hole in my heart. Christmas was difficult … but that old adage, “When one door closes, another one opens” is all about the start of my 2020. There’s joy, hope and possibility walking through it with me. And I say – bring it on!

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