Margaritas, Netflix and Chill


Do you know what “Netflix and Chill” really means? Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait. I promise you that’s not what I mean by that phrase. I’ll be keeping it clean. Mostly.

I took a little fall over the weekend and ended up throwing a full cup of coffee all over the kitchen floor. No broken bones but damn I’m sore. Dog went for the coffee and could have cared less if I was dying. So while I’m healing (taking it easy and whining about my injuries) I’ve been watching a little on Netflix. Yo, there are things you need to watch!

It was suggested to me by my kid to watch ‘Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer’. I thought it sounded stupid but I watched it. This series made my super sleuth stalking skills on the internet look like preschool! I highly recommend. Talks about how a group of internet nerds help solve a serial killer mystery. I have to give it 5 margaritas. If you watch, let me know what you think.

Now let’s talk about the one American woman who is taking down the UK Monarchy single-handily. Meghan, you are about to get a dose of The Queen’s wrath! Now, hear me out. I love that they married and they totally love each other and I feel like both are super good people. But I think she’s going overboard because her acting classes never prepared her for a role as a real princess. Shit is hard work to be in that family. I know she is losing her mind over all the rules and regulations but running to Canada to make your own money is not helping solve the issues.

I personaly think the Monarchy needs to be updated and Lord knows Princess Diana tried to shake it up. I think poor Harry is still dealing with issues from the violent and public death of his mom. He surely must be obsessed with that being a possible issue for his little family. So of course he wants to move with M to Canada.

I would hate to see the Monarchy fall to the wayside. Maybe a few changes each year to make it more up to date, but traditions of Kings and Queens need to keep going. I love a good Kingdom/Queendom. Let me live in one of their ‘cottages’ and I will show those Royals how to live it up!

Now to football! Not really. I’m ready for the Super Bowl and the commercials but the drinks are the best. Thought I’d do this for the party:

It really doesn’t matter if the Rams play. Let’s be honest, I want to make these for the cool music in the background.


Well that’s it for this week. I am so sorry if you expected a more exciting post. Maybe when I get myself together…

Oh look what I found this week on Amazon! (remember if you click the link and actually buy something, I make $$. Helps pay for my cocktail habit!) Just click the Amazon button below!


Peace, Love and Margaritas!

10 thoughts on “Margaritas, Netflix and Chill

  1. You covered a lot of ground in this blog. Sounds like you also covered a lot of ground in your coffee accident. Who knew dogs like coffee? I’m guessing cats prefer you serve them “high tea.”

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  2. Hope you heal and fill better soon.
    Meghan is just a useless person. Husband Harry is p”””””y whipped for sure. Let’s see what the future holds for them.

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  3. Here in the UK, we’ve heard little else on the news apart from Meghan and Harry for over a week now. I’m starting to wonder if it’s a convenient diversion from Brexit! Hope you’re on the mend after your fall.

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