Rage Writing So You Don’t Slap Anyone And Go To Prison.

Rage Writing

As a blogger, I often want to write about current situations. Especially when someone pisses me off. I have written posts that would humble a drunken sailor, but then I start to feel bad and delete it. I know if I just had the balls (golden ovaries) to actually post one of these rage posts I would feel so much better. ‘Get it off my chest’ so to speak. But something always stops me.

Maybe it’s God. Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Maybe the person that’s pissing me off is just having a rough patch in their life and took it out on me. I should be kind. You never know what someone may be going through. Bullshit.


I keep telling myself that no matter what someone is going through, it’s not ok for them to take it out on others. Excuses don’t work. What if I’m going through something too? Why do I have to be the good guy? Why do I have to have the guilty conscience? What makes me so special?

Another question I have is, why do people think they can rant and be absolutely right in their rant. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Someone posts this long rant about their opinion on an issue or circumstance. I could move on and just not get sucked in but what the hell? What makes it ok for that person to rant about something they don’t even have the facts for? Or, I know I could help out by ‘splaining’ to them their errors, but to what avail? They will twist it around and try to make me look like an idiot. So I silently scroll on. Seething.

It’s not just Facebook or any social media. It’s also in conversation. How many times have you been in a conversation and with others and while they are spewing nonsense you think, “How in the world do you even breathe gurl?” The need to smack a sister in the face has been so real at times I have to remember I would not make it in prison. And as that person walks away the entire group is left standing with their mouths open in shock. At least I know it’s not just me.

What happened to keeping your mouth shut? If you can’t say anything nice..and all that. It’s like the crazies have this self righteousness to speak out and condemn anyone who doesn’t think or feel the same. I know you have experienced it too my reader friends. Those of us who love to write, would love to write an open letter to said crazy person. But what would that accomplish? Crazy gurl would still think she is right. She (or he) wouldn’t learn a damn thing. But I’ll just keep fake smiling.

Don’t people stop and think, “what if what I post or say upsets good friends and other people?” Too bad so sad right? What happened to polite society? Where are the people who have manners? Do you even stop to THINK Karen? MAYBE YOU ARE WRONG?!

We all have opinions. Why doesn’t my opinion matter? Why can’t you be open minded and TRY to see my point of view? Oh I see, you have a stance you feel you need to take and you feel you need to stand up for what’s right and not be silent. Please sista. I hear ya roaring. You sound like a feral cat in heat mama. Maybe try not to assume I agree with you. Also, you may be WRONG. (Stabbing my voodoo doll to relieve some stress right now.)


Listen. I know Y’all think I am talking about politics but not really. I just feel like there are some out there with nothing better to do than stir the pot no matter the subject. And if Y’all don’t agree with me, unfriend me right now! lol I hate that line too. If you don’t like someone, delete them. No need to create a freaking scene. For. The. Love.

Oh and another favorite is after someone’s rant they say, “Always be kind Y’all!” WTF? Are you psychotic? And now you want to tell me your kids were called bullies in school. Well if that beer don’t fall far from the family trailer! Get your act together Karen. YOU, sweetie, are an adult bully. Yes adults are bullies too. In fact, they are worse than those middle school bullies ever thought to be.

But because we float in the same circles, I’ll be silent and smile. Meanwhile in my head I am plotting my rage post that I will never actually post. Because you might be going through something and I want to always be kind. (Insert snark response here).

So my friends, don’t think I am writing about you. I doubt I am. I’m just blowing off some steam and rage writing. And this time I’m hitting PUBLISH.

What pisses you off?


Peace Love & Margaritas


10 thoughts on “Rage Writing So You Don’t Slap Anyone And Go To Prison.

  1. NAILED IT!! Assuming is my tick off…when people assume I believe like they do. They have no idea what ticks in this head. It’s humorous, though. When I reveal my real thoughts I have seen jaws drop. Carry on, Karen, you have no clue. BWAHAHAHA

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  2. I love this for so many reasons! this line in particular: “I keep telling myself that no matter what someone is going through, it’s not ok for them to take it out on others. Excuses don’t work. What if I’m going through something too?”

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  3. A guy at the yoga class at my gym just pissed me off. So in general, I get pissed when someone thinks everyone should act in a certain way with no latitude for individuality

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  4. I have been rage writing for years. But here’s the trick – don’t share it. Don’t post it, don’t mail it, don’t send it. Sleep on it. Make sure, after you have calmed down, that you really do want to share it. Usually, after the dust has settled, I find that simply writing it down was catharsis enough.

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