Easter during Covid19

Easter During Covid19 (1)

Don’t worry, I am tossing some humor your way. We can’t be negative and so serious all the time. WWJD? (Christian Humor)

Here we are the day after Easter. It was weird. No town egg hunts or family all coming together for that home cooked meal (or in my case, carry out). No church service. Except virtually. Just weird for all of us I think.

So I started to reminisce Easters of the past. I never liked doing the Easter baskets for my kids. I felt weird putting that Easter bunny in the mix with Jesus rising again. So I only did it a few times. A few things with a chocolate bunny. Funny thing is I was always eating the bunnies. My kids were annoyed to find the bunnies in the fridge with the ears missing.

Easter egg hunts weren’t so bad till my parents started putting money in the eggs for the grandchildren. I’m like really? What does the money have to do with Jesus? Same as the Easter Bunny right?

I never forced the Easter Bunny pictures on my kids either. He was always more shady than Santa. I mean if you couldn’t be Santa then you had to lower yourself to be that horrible bunny. So creepy. Why do we do that to our children?

Found this on the interwebs. Contact me for Credit!

Easter pictures were a thing for us. All dressed up at church in our spring outfits. This year we will be in our separate houses in our pj’s. That will be a fun Zoom meeting. Speaking of which, I should have bought stock in Zoom.

There was a time when I would take the kids to the department store to have Easter Pictures made so I could send them to relatives. So cute. But then one year the store had actually live bunnies! We signed a waiver stating that we wouldn’t sue the store if the bunnies bit the kids.  They probably needed to sign a waiver stating they wouldn’t sue me if my kids bit the bunnies. My youngest was just 2 at the time and was over the moon to hold  a real live bunny. What could go wrong?

They placed a bunny in my toddler’s lap and started to take a picture. My son was so excited he grabbed the bunny and threw him across the little studio! The camera captured my kids smiling ear to ear with a flying white thing in the air. They wouldn’t let me buy that shot. lol I could tell the photographer was going to be drinking as soon as we left. They did give my kids another bunny and the shoot went fine after that. I was told the other bunny survived but retired from photography after that day.


I wrote a blog about it a few years ago and you can read it here: https://midlifemargaritas.com/2017/04/17/when-the-easter-bunny-almost-died/

Now the kids are all grown and out of the house. Empty nest is great but we still miss those days when they were young and unpredictable. They still are unpredictable. lol Gotta love them though.

I know this will be a very strange Spring but we are people who need to have contact with others. We can get through this. I am starting to see more good things happening and less of the political crap. I hope it continues. We need to get back out, visit our families and hug our loved ones. I for one plan to eat at everyone of my favorite restaurants as soon as we can. And I will go shopping and go to the beach and have a party!

Spring is here. He is risen. He is risen indeed. Things are going to get better. Stay safe and well my friends!

Peace Love and Margaritas!

12 thoughts on “Easter during Covid19

  1. It was definitely a weird Easter. Love the story about the bunny toss at the photo shoot! 😅
    During high school, I lowered myself to take a job as a creepy mall Easter Bunny—couple of years in a row. Parents would force their kids to sit on my lap. Some of the little ones were terrified, screamed and cried while mommy and daddy tried to get them to smile for the camera. The babies also peed right through their diapers and through my costume. We were all traumatized. 😱 The bunny gig paid $15.00 an hour—which was huge (and likely hazard pay) at the time.

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  2. That’s one scary Easter bunny, I would be crying too if I had to sit next to it and I’m an adult. So funny, your post was perfect for a Sunday morning laugh. Glad to hear that bunny survived. That story will be passed down to the the grand kids some day. Stay safe out there and have a beautiful Sunday.

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