What do Masks, Church & Strippers Haven in Common During a Big, Scary Pandemic?

Let me start by saying that this isn’t a political post. Not the normal one anyway. I’m writing this because I’m still in a pandemic funk and the fact I saw a man shoot another man in a Walmart because of masks. (Let me rephrase that: I saw it on the news! Not in person.) I think we need to talk about this. And please feel free to express your feelings in the comments. This is a safe blog!

My first question is why can I go to a strip club but I can’t go to church or go bowling? I don’t understand the whole strip club thing. Don’t we need to go bowling to get some exercise and hang out with friends? We had them open for about a week here in NC and then they were shut back down. But just across town is the big strip club and it was packed last night. Must have had a great buffet over there. And don’t we need to go to church after sinning in the Stripper Club on a Saturday night?

Wait, I’m not done with the strip club. Are they wearing masks? And (right now I’m throwing up in my mouth) where are they putting the dollar bills? Can you use hand sanitizer on your privates? OMG I have visions right now that are burning my eyes!

Gross. Let’s move on. Masks. This is such a touchy topic these days and there is so much information to weed through. I’m going to help y’all out here:

  • Is being required to wear a mask an infringement on your rights? So many people say yes. But do we need to kill people over it? Nope. Do we need to shame people over not wearing them? Again, Nope. They are also the least of my worries right now. I wear a mask because I am asthmatic. I hate wearing one. Can’t breathe and can actually cause me to have an attack. But I limit my time out and wear the damn thing for me. Not for you either. Just me. I don’t want to deal with a virus that could possibly kill my lungs.
  • Why do people need to scream at store owners/managers who are just following the guidelines about masks being mandatory in some states? Maybe they just want to be TikTok or social media famous. Because if you really don’t want to wear one and feel your rights are being taken away, CALL YOUR GOVERNOR! Those people are the ones in charge of the mask requirements. Not store owners. They are just rule followers. Stop harassing people. That’s why some guy got shot at in a Walmart. How the hell does wearing or not wearing a mask lead up to a fight or even a shooting? Harass your Governor. If we are fighting over masks, what till the schools close back down or open up! Talk about a shitshow!
  • Why is the mandate to wear a mask in public not being enforced? Simply because no one has the time to enforce anything right now. Have you seen the riots? Plus cops could care less. They have bigger issues.
  • Speaking of riots, In NC no more than 25 people can gather together. Less than 10 inside. I think the strip club broke that rule. Churches can’t meet inside for more than 10 people. But protesters can and rioters can too. Somebody needs to go to church!
  • The Stats and Facts. Covid 19 has stats and facts over on the CDC website. Changes daily. But are they accurate? I haven’t heard anything about the stats on false positive and negative results. Some states have changed how they count the numbers too. How do you do that if they are supposed to be facts? And why did the powers that be change the name from Corona Virus to Covid? Why did so many stupid people think they could get the virus from drinking Corona Beer? Sweet Baby Jesus please help us all.
  • Is Covid like the flu? No. Because my doctor told me so. Similar symptoms and people can die from both. Flu has a vaccine but Covid doesn’t as of yet. But I am sure we will have it soon. Oh wait, they don’t have a vaccine for the common cold yet so it could be awhile.
  • Why don’t republicans believe in wearing a mask? lol This isn’t a political thing. I have talked to both sides and there are folks in all parties who won’t wear a mask.

What I’m trying to do here is just vent, with a little humor, about the things everyone is talking about. No one has it right. Everyone is trying to do their best and we the people need to stop being assholes. This will end one day. But I do get it. Everyone is worn out and tired. Depressed and some are suicidal. Other’s are feeling blah and can’t understand why they feel that way. This pandemic and the conversations around it are hurting everyone. We are such a divided nation (global too) that we can’t seem to get on the same page on any topic. Is this the end? Is this when we need to brush up on our survival skills and make friends with all the Doomsday Preppers?

Wear the mask or don’t. I love you either way. 🙂

What is up with my Hair?

9 thoughts on “What do Masks, Church & Strippers Haven in Common During a Big, Scary Pandemic?

  1. Oh WOW! Wonder when they lifted the strip club ban?! Heck, I just want a certified massage…ugh… I’ve noticed that mask wars have slowed down on Social Media – that – or – got rid of the haters… I agree that it’s on all sides of the political spectrum. And now we have a third candidate who is in the clothing industry, so who knows what designs may be hip. I like your mask. Lady! Your hair is fine. I have not had a cut since maybe Decemberish. It’s a growing out pixie that looks like the 70’s met the 80’s and forgot the perm. kinda like a shag mullet. I could cut it myself, but what’s the fun in that?! Keep us laughing lady and help us lighten up from the crazy. We need it in a big way.

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  2. LoVe that you pointed finally out STRIP CLUBS also have great food! Thanks for the laughs, and maybe we should go ahead and open our NUDE BOWLING ALLEY WITH PRAYER TIME. Naming it would be FUN too.

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  3. I am a retired nurse who worked in the O.R for many years. I wear a mask. But, if you feel they do know good the next time you have a procedure or surgery, suck it up buttercup and walk your talk and tell the doctor/nurses not to bother with a mask. I, for one, won’t shop any place that doesn’t uphold the mask rule. And I agree if a strip club can go at full throttle why can’t church. As my grandmother used to say, “the world is going to hell in a handbasket.” Thanks for not being political I am so over all of the bickering and fighting.

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