Not Just Another Karen!

Karen Mills

If we are going to name more essential employees, I think we need to add comedians to the list. We need humor now more than ever. Did you know that lots of comedians are out of work? They can’t do clubs right now and if you watched the late night talk shows with no audiences, you know that’s not funny either.

So I am trying to get the word out about the best comedians out there. This week I have the funniest phone conversation with popular comedian Karen Mills. She’s not just another Karen either.

We had an 11 am phone interview set up and a little after 11 she called and said she was sorry for being a little late but she swore she thought I was calling her then realized she was supposed to call me. We laughed because you know that is reality now days! Specially at our age!

I have to say she was hilarious and I laughed so hard during our interview I had to race to the bathroom so I didn’t wet myself as soon as we hung up. So let me give you her background.

She’s a Southern Woman and has been touring the comedy clubs for over 25 years. Played basketball growing up and even led the nation in assists in 1981 and became the first Division I, first team All American in UT Chattanooga history! (from her FB Pg) And she’s only 5’2!!!! But wait. There’s more: she kicked ovarian cancers ass in 2013 and was featured on Robin Robert’s “Thriver Thursday”. AND did a talk on TEDxChattanooga about “Cancer is a Laughing Matter”. She has the remarkable ability to find the funny in any situation. That’s what I love about her the most!

She’s Known as a clean comedian, which is the best trend these days. Her goal is to inspire and bring laughs to as many people as possible and after all this time she is still doing a fantastic job. We talked about our favorite comics and with Lucy, Carol Burnett and many others from back in the day, you could find funny everywhere. When Carol Burnett and her crew were on TV, everyone was waiting for the moments when they would make each other break character and laugh on stage. That was the best comedy!

With the passing of Regis Philbin, Karen remarked how he was a great person and comedian. He was always himself and was naturally funny and brought so many joy. He will be missed.

I asked Karen what advice she’d give other midlife women. Karen said, “At the end of the day, all that matters is being yourself and being kind”. She also says at this age people can take me as I am or scroll on by. I love that! She also has done commencement speeches and I asked her what she would say to graduation classes during this pandemic. To which she replied, “I would tell them to stay positive. Do what you can to be positive and hopefully this generation will figure it all out in spite of the pandemic”.

Karen loves the Atlanta Braves, Audio Books, her two dogs and movies. She keeps busy though so having time do do these fun things is precious. (We both struggled to find the word “Audio” in our vocabulary. Another funny moment.) Karen is super real and we talked like best friends that hadn’t seen each other in awhile. She does all these interviews and guest appearances and treats everyone like a BFF.

I got a little crazy and asked her if her life was a movie, who would she want to play her. She said Jodie Foster. I can totally see that! So Jodie, if you are looking to make another hit movie….

Lastly, I asked Karen what is one thing you haven’t been asked about but would like people to know about you. Her answer was hilarious. She said, “I’m a NICE Karen”! lol Yes she is.

Follow Karen Mills on all of her social media and stay informed when she might be coming to a town near you or doing virtual comedy!

Website: Insta: @karenmillscomedy FB: Twitter: @kmillscomedy and YouTube:

Here’s one of so many funny clips from Karen:

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

12 thoughts on “Not Just Another Karen!

  1. I love Karen Mills – if you’re going to be a Karen, she is the second best Karen to be (third place goes to Karen Walker). First place goes to my mother, the most overworked guardian angel ever. Thanks for the smile.

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  2. My 10 year-old son loves to tell me what typical Karen behavior is according to social media. So glad I can finally show him a funny and nice one. Thanks so much for the intro!

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