Calling Grandmother Even If She Can’t Hear Worth A Damn!

So yesterday I called my Grandmother. You remember me telling you about her? If not you can read that post here: She will be 100 before the end of the year. She lives in one of those assisted living homes and seems to like it there. Right now is kinda tough because they are quarantined to their rooms due to Covid still. We can’t visit but we can call.

She also can’t hear very well. So you can imagine how these calls go. Lots of yelling. Usually I call her and she says, “Well hello Shelly” (that’s my cousin). 😦 Then I have to yell that no It’s MISSY! Then she might say “whatever”. She tells me all is good and the food is good and to call her when I can visit. Then she pretty much says bye.

Please don’t let me go deaf in my last years. I already can’t hear too well in one ear. Or maybe I’m just unconsciously ignoring people. It’s possible.

My grandmother sometimes throws in a “You know your mom and Mike (my mom’s twin) left me here to die but I’m going to out live them all!” lol Funny thing is, she just may out live them. They turn 80 this year.

Such a weird time right now not being able to visit my grandmother. I hope she lives long enough for me to visit again. I love to hear the stories of her childhood. She can’t remember what she had for lunch but she can remember the good times she had even during the Great Depression. She is definitely an optimist!

So call your parents and grandparents if you still have them. Learn their stories to pass on. 🙂

Peace Love and Margaritas 🙂

8 thoughts on “Calling Grandmother Even If She Can’t Hear Worth A Damn!

  1. Yes! Cherish all of your family….even if they can’t hear you. I hope people are patient with me in my older years. I’m also planning to use my age to my advantage and do and say things out of character for me. Take time today to connect with friends and family so that they will connect with you later in life.

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  2. Hans mama is in her 80s and in a retirement home. They just recently allowed visitors. We’re nervous about carrying something to her. She’s in Mount Airy. She’s super high risk. We call her almost daily. The food is temporarily delivered in house and some dining room days. We send her some of her favorite foods from her local grocery. She likes that. She’s not crazy about the in house delivered food.

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