Election 2020. Will It Be The End Of Humankind Or Will It Be What We Need To Find Our New Normal?

We are just a few days away from Election Day 2020. Is this the end of the world? A new fresh start? Armageddon? I think we are all very anxious and excited in a way to find out. The one thing I hope more than anything, is that we can all be calm and move on afterwards like rational humans.

Is that even possible? I don’t know, but I am hoping and praying. So this post will be shorter than normal. I don’t have the right words or eloquence to create an inspiring and moving piece today. Just throwing out my thoughts and fears before the real shitshow starts.

We realize that we no longer speak the same language of love with each other. We now judge people on their politics and values and not on their hearts. We tell people to “be kind” while we are quick to jump on someone who we think is not smart enough to understand.

We don’t know how to feel when we see cities and businesses being looted and burned. We see the violence but turn away because ‘what’s the point of trying to work it out’. We see our polite society is no more. We have different opinions of censorship and free speech.

We can’t seem to get along or agree to disagree. We are right and they are wrong. Here’s hoping all that can change before 2021. Maybe we could all use a little change of heart. Maybe instead of blaming someone or something else for the divisiveness in our country, we should try fixing it and not depend on the government. It starts with us, me, you.

Please be kind to others on election day and going forward. I’ll be back with my sass soon!

PEACE, LOVE and Margaritas…

6 thoughts on “Election 2020. Will It Be The End Of Humankind Or Will It Be What We Need To Find Our New Normal?

  1. What the world needs now, is love she love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…now that I have put that earworm in place… I guess people argue for different reasons. If a parent argues with a teenager, maybe it’s because they are passionate about their child and want them to be safe and healthy. When people argue politics, what is the basis for that? I don’t even know… That is one thing I learned a long time ago, is that arguing politics is a dead end street. Now, sitting down and having a civil discussion, well that’s a whole different thing. I do know this: When I wake up on Wednesday morning, I will still have these same feet slipping on the same slippers and the same coffee pot calling my name and when I click on CNBC I doubt there will be a crashed stock market. In fact, it’s likely to be a bunch of speculation STILL…who knows when we will know the outcome, but my life will be the same as far as being me. That part won’t change. I just look forward to the day when I can sit down with other people and have a coffee and pastry and just have some real people to people conversations. No matter who wins, the real win is getting past this pandemic. Soon, and very soon…let’s hope.

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  2. The beauty of America is that no matter how dark it seems (and there have been some dark times) ordinary Americans have a way of finding the light and when they do they tend to share it. cheers

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