19 Hilarious Tweets About 2020 From The Funniest Twitter Peeps

Omg. Can we be done with 2020 already? If you are reading this, you survived 2020. Congrats. Woohoo. Here’s a cookie.

It’s has to get better right? If not we will all go nuts. There’s not an opt-out button for us. But, have no fear! Let’s take a minute or two (for the slow readers) to chuckle at these 19 tweets about 2020. These tweeters are funny AF and you should follow them. Or not, I don’t care. It’s a roll of the dice this year to do anything.


You can’t break me, I lived through 2020


*unfollows, reports, and blocks 2020*


Imagine in 20 years people having theme parties and they say dress in 2020 attire. Then everyone just shows up in joggers, leggings and 5 day worn t-shirts carrying a bag of Doritos with a mask on.


“You have to wear pants in the front yard” used to be a family rule. But it’s 2020, so Woman shrugging


Showering to join a zoom is peak 2020.


The cocktail for 2020 is shotgunned Unisom with a mixed berry Tums chaser and a Wellbutrin twist.


“I will make the zoom link” is the 2020 family holidays version of “I will bring the plates and napkins.”


If your home address is 2020, I won’t visit. Even after I’m vaccinated.


2020 Christmas is the unfrosted pop tart of Christmases.


“Aaaaaand why hasn’t Nickelback released a Christmas album yet?”

— 2020.


Can we get a follow up on all those people who moved into tiny houses at the start of 2020?


For humans, 2020 was a shit year.

For dogs and cats, 2020 will go down in history as the glorious year of tummy rubs, laptops used as seat warmers, increased people food droppings, and day-time snuggles.


My scissors sliced perfectly through the first 3 inches of wrapping paper before ripping the rest to shreds, and this is 2020 in a nutshell.


2020 is the toddler that dressed itself.


I’ve seen so many people posting Christmas cocktail recipes like 2020 doesn’t warrant just drinking booze straight from the bottle.


2020 is literally the Walmart granny panties of years


Instead of yelling, “Happy New Year,” like we did last year, can we all just yell, “New Year,” so we can set realistic expectations and then maybe go up from there?


I’m glad my New Year’s Resolution for 2020 was to wipe my counters down after every meal, instead of I wANt tO tRaVeL MoRe


Why does everyone think that when the clock hits 2021 that the world will magically fix itself. Not me, 2020!  I’m not falling for your “New year, new me” bullshit this year.

So comment, like and share to spread the chuckles. And here’s a funny video in case you haven’t had enough laughter lately. WARNING: Strong language in some of these vids. But worth the giggle.

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