My First Rant Of The Year Because, Why Not. Also, Writing This After 3 Margaritas And A Shot Of Fireball.

I thought 2021 would start off rocky but move in an upwards motion. NOPE.

I didn’t post last week because so much craziness hit me all at once and I had to process it. But I’m back so get ready for a ranting story time!

In December, my grandmother turned 100. This was awesome and most of my family threw a little party behind her nursing home window with balloons and posters and singing. (all socially distanced of course). It made her extremely happy to see most of the family and all the littler ones running around and having fun. Two weeks later, she passed away peacefully in her sleep. RIP Beaddy-Belle. (Her nickname)

Next, my good friend and happy margarita drinking/dancing partner in crime (also partner on the Midlife Margaritas FB page) passed away after fighting off an infection and being in a coma for about a week. Broke my damn heart to pieces. RIP DC Stanfa.

Then I had a Vertigo episode in the middle of the night last week. Stood up too fast and the room spun out of control and I hit the bathroom floor. While I laid there a minute processing what had just happened, I realized our bathroom floor needed a deep clean. That was an evil demon that made me spin out of control and hyper extending one arm, bruising my butt and possibly a cracked rib. I hadn’t felt that beat up since college frat party nights back in the 80’s. Never will I ever drink PJ again.

Still have pain from the fall but I’m getting better. Truth is more crap has happened since but you get the point. 2021 is not showing up the way it was supposed too.

So I am exhausted physically and mentally. Who isn’t? Isn’t everyone tired of the BS? Tired of wondering what devastation tomorrow might bring? Tired of trying to stay positive because that’s what your supposed to do?

If you are feeling great and not affected by Covid, quarantine, online schooling, parenting in a pandemic, politics, etc. then unfriend me right now. (lol I hate when people say this on social media. I mean if you want people to unfriend you then just unfriend them. But I get it though. You’re tired too.)

This is the year I want life to be different. I don’t care your religion, color, gender, politics, or anything else. I don’t care if you are WOKE or still half asleep. Let’s just be nice and move on. But Missy (me), if we don’t have these conversations and get everyone to be on the same page and acknowledge wrongness and all THINK THE SAME WAY, then we will never get it right? NOPE. Not even then.

Here’s how it is. We are all born to be DIFFERENT. Think different, talk different, learn differently, like different things. We can’t and will never all be the same or think the same. There will always be good and evil. You can’t change anyone’s mind if you are in their face telling them how wrong they are. Haven’t we figured out this BASIC knowledge yet?

One thing we can all be though is NICE. Sure we can fight for what’s right but how do you know if you are right or wrong? Seems none of that is clear anymore. I bet if we all just said ENOUGH, let’s just be nice. After awhile the niceness might win and make us all a little less insane. THEN we might just understand why we all feel the way we do about things. But until then…

Recap: Everyone is tired. Everyone wants things to change. WE are all different. We can never fully agree on everything. We need to be nice. Stop being assholes.

So here’s a list to help you through the next year:

  1. Stop watching the news. They ALL lie.
  2. It’s ok to take a break from social media.
  3. Fake news is everywhere. Older people are more susceptible to it.
  4. Mute or block people that continue to spew hate.
  5. Think for yourself, do your own research.
  6. Kindness is everything.
  7. The kids are watching us.
  8. Have more margaritas with friends and less arguments with enemies.

That’s it. It’s my rant and I own it. Feel free to add to the list.

Here’s this weeks funny video:

13 thoughts on “My First Rant Of The Year Because, Why Not. Also, Writing This After 3 Margaritas And A Shot Of Fireball.

  1. HearHear!! I am right there with you Missy! Well, not really, physically, but you know what I mean. Life is going to happen no matter what any of us have as a point of view, so let’s just deal and move on and goodness, can’t we just put a little love in our heart? Now that song will be stuck in my head. I am tired of having to calculate so many decisions about when to get groceries, what’s the best time to expect mail (Clue: NEVER)… The main things I need to worry about are the basics, the rest is just fluff. And what I miss is going to the coffee shops. When this is over and it will be over–I am going to the coffee shops and art galleries every week. And then maybe some bookstores. I bet those are really hurting.

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  2. Yep, we’re all tired.
    I’d add this to the list: Do something for you, that you love, whenever you can. If you can no longer do the thing that always brought you joy, then find a temporary replacement that fills you with that same joy. And be fucking nice. Be the person you need to see in the world. Because there are way too many entitled asshats out there.

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  3. I once had a doctor who prescribed (an actually written prescription) bourbon for a cracked rib — apparently it relaxes the muscles. Who knew? Also I wish I could remember (like every day) that arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon. But, since I can’t I’ll just take your advice and try to be nice. cheers.

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  4. Yes!!!! my mantra for 2021 is, “Just keep scrolling!” I also no longer engage in political arguments with anyone on Facebook. I don’t even read any post that has to do with politics. BTW – I have a lime tree and I make a pretty good margarita!

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  5. I think we all headed into 2021 hoping it would be..well, different..and then we collectively seem to have tripped over the starting line. So here we are (like you were) on the floor..”processing..”- taking stock of potential damage, figuring out how to get up and join the race again.. šŸ„“

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  6. I just want a margarita! I want a black diamond martini. I want a Singapore sling. I want it in my favorite restaurants.


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