Prostitution Classes and Other Bizarre Rabbit Holes We’ve Discovered On Google While In Quarantine

Quarantine started out with, “Ok, we can do this. Hunker down and watch Netflix, work from home and try not to use too much toilet paper”. Then went to, “OMG, can we just drive around and look at things? I have to get out of this house and if I have to do one more ZOOM meeting I will loose my MFing mind”!

You get it right? So we are just about out of this quarantine, getting our shots and waiting till we can all emerge form our homes with pasty skin and serious eye sensitivity to the sun and dance through the streets singing ‘Here Comes The Sun’…

But was it all really that bad? Yes. But there had to be some entertaining moments. Like Chris and I have very weird conversations now. We’ve been married almost 28 years so we can throw out random convos and no one is surprised. The other day we were in the car and Chris mentioned something about German Prostitutes. I have no idea or memory of what started this convo at all. But apparently we had to go down some weird rabbit holes online to learn the difference between German and American prostitutes.

In the US, prostitution is mostly illegal. BUT, certain states allow for it in certain rural places. (WHY?) So it’s a State by State thing. Either way, prostitution is ongoing where it is legal or not. Having said that, Most prostitutes have Pimps who are over paid glorified schedulers/handlers. Abuse is rampant and they take most of the money leaving the prostitute indebted to the Pimp. In this day and age, you have to wonder why these girls/guys need a pimp. Women can schedule their own clients and hire a bodyguard if needed. Therefore keeping their own money. I digress. With all the sex trafficking in all parts of the world, this isn’t even being discussed. So not making fun here.

However, with Germany having legal prostitution, they are heavily regulated and according to my husband, they have to take classes too. WTH? There’s a class for that? They take classes to become certified to have sex with the physically and mentally handicapped. Let that sit for a minute. If you snickered, or choked on your drink, you think like I do. I was dying. I felt bad to be laughing because obviously it’s a good idea? I can’t Y’all. I can’t wrap my head around it at all. Here’s the link to the article if you want to read it. It even talks about the end of the course is celebrated with Pizza and Salad! In Germany, Sex Workers Get Special Training To Serve The Disabled – Worldcrunch

So after I stopped laughing, I told one of my BFF’s about it. We laughed some more then decided that we really can’t judge. I mean we’ve all done things that got us something shiny and new. That’s how some spouses get new cars and Versace hand bags. (Just guessing).

I guess this post might seem slightly over the inappropriate line but seriously, we all have discussions like this but are just too afraid to tell anyone. I just post my business all over the internet. lol And for all my readers who are prostitutes, I’m not judging. And for anyone thinking I should be ashamed of myself for writing this or thinking I am making fun of the physically challenged while have sex with prostitutes, (which I am NOT) go ahead and troll the comments. I love to read troll comments.

So tell me what rabbit holes you’ve been down while in quarantine!

And for this weeks funny video, It’s from ‘Friends’ so it can’t be all that bad right?

5 thoughts on “Prostitution Classes and Other Bizarre Rabbit Holes We’ve Discovered On Google While In Quarantine

  1. Canada has legal prostitution. I follow such a woman who handles her clients herself on twitter (no pimp). It is fascinating (if you can stomach the topic, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

    For instance, the cops visit her regularly to check in with her that she’s ok. She has an accountant who handles cash flow. She sometimes posts twitter requests for her time that are creepy or weird both as education and entertainment. She charges $250/hour…she has do and don’t lists.

    Like I said…fascinating. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Back in the day, I had a friend who paid for 4 years of university “dating” older women. As I recall his biggest problem was scheduling — his clients were quite demanding and wanted value for their money. cheers

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