Stop Letting People Tell You How To Live Your Life. Because You’re A Bad Ass And They Need To Mind Their Own Biz!

A few weeks ago, my friend Susan and I were making TikTok videos using all the filters we could find. We had a blast and couldn’t stop laughing. We literally did this for hours! Do you know how extremely healthy it is to laugh? And to laugh for several hours straight probably added 10 more years to our lives! You know who couldn’t handle it? A DAMN “Karen”!

We posted a few of the videos and we are still watching them over and over. Most comments were fun and lighthearted. But it only. Takes. One. One bad apple to poison the Princess. We’ve taken to calling these people a Karen. Sorry to all the cool Karen’s. I got in trouble for calling out these Karen’s in the past but frankly I get in trouble for anything these days so throwing caution to the wind again.

This Karen felt the need to announce in the comment section that she was hereby leaving my FB page because we were no longer funny. We were acting worse than middle schoolers and should be ashamed for behaving like middle school girls instead of grown, midlife women. First, why announce your departure? You are not a plane. Second, FU Karen!

Act a fool all you want if it makes you happy. We’ve been stuck in a sucky page of history for over a year now. If we want to make TikToks and laugh our midlife asses off, we can! That’s how we roll now. Because Age is just a number Y’all. How many of you 40+ actually feel your age or feel old and mature and not able to be a kid at heart? If you answered yes, time to get a therapist. You don’t have to live your life like an old lady who goes on the interwebs to troll people and try to make them feel bad so you can feel better. YOU are a BAD ASS BITCH!

Wake up and choose Happy. Find a crazy friend who feels the same. No alcohol needed but it sure makes for even crazier choices.

What’s wrong with the world is there are too many people like this one snooty chic with a keyboard. You can’t fix them. But you can ignore them and keep finding your crazy. Repeat after me, “Age is just a number”.

Here is just one of the crazy short vids we made that made our day. Hope it makes yours. Peace, Love and Margaritas.

9 thoughts on “Stop Letting People Tell You How To Live Your Life. Because You’re A Bad Ass And They Need To Mind Their Own Biz!

    1. OMG!!! This made me laugh so hard and so did the kids!!!!
      I’m still laughing and after the week I had last week I really needed a good laugh!!!! You two kill me!!!!! Love you guys!!

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  1. Laughter is the best thing! My friends and I do similar with Snapchat filters, ends in hysterical laughter, every single time. We all need to have fun, it’s good for the soul. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ People who don’t play and don’t laugh – can you imagine? I cannot!

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