A Midlife Guide To The Empty Nest Lifestyle While Cheerfully Embracing The Latest Trend of Luxury Apartment Living

We just returned home from a weeks vacation at the coast. Walked in the front door and groaned. We have to start packing for our upcoming move. Ok, we kinda started already but there is so much more to do! What were we thinking? What’s the best way to pack all the wine bottles safely?

Awhile back we were minding our own business when we got an offer on our house. It wasn’t even on the market! It’s not like we have a beautiful home with an immaculate lawn or anything. Obviously someone is looking for a house to flip and they chose our little humble abode. And it was an offer we couldn’t turn down. But we’ve lived in the house over 25 years, raised two kids, three dogs and countless numbers of gold fish. (RIP to all the fish). Now we are leaving it behind and downsizing to a fancy smancy apartment.

Leaving behind a huge back yard the dog has grown to love as his little kingdom of bunny/squirrel chasing and stick chewing. Where playdates and blowup swimming pools and birthday parties happened and maybe an adult party with a bonfire that nearly burnt down our house. Live and learn… Where bird watching in our empty nest life has become a favorite pastime for the hubby and myself.

But our new place has a balcony for the dog to sun himself and enjoy watching people swim in the luxurious pool or watch games of corn hole and smell the grills as our new neighbors share cocktails and grilled steaks! No birds but also no grass to mow. No HOA begging us not to park on the street and send nasty notes people about cutting their grass. If I can just get my energy level up to do some power packing I am sure we could get more stuff accomplished before closing.

But what to do. Where to really start and how do we purge 27 years of stuff to fit into a two bedroom apartment? I didn’t even know we had anything in the attic until the hubby went up there to check for something. Everyday my anxiety level is rising.

So. I’m creating a little guide for everyone who is in the same boat. I took some tips from my friend Robin at @dailey_with_bailey and @hello.clutter (both on Instagram). You have to read Robin’s blog too. She just did the empty nest home to lux apartment and she thinks I am copying her. More like stalking maybe. lol

Step 1. Breathe. You got this! Start small and purge trash. Things that go to the dump or regular trash. Go room by room and take breaks. Reward yourself with a snack or margarita at the end of each day. Or room. Whatever.

Step. 2. Now things of value that you can easily part with and sell via Ebay, Facebook Market or other local consignment. Remember the space you are moving to. Where will you put everything? Keep that in mind.

Step 3. More sentimental things that you’d still like to part with but feel bad about selling, give to relatives or friends. Or donate to charities that could really use your items.

Step 4. Purge clothes, Tupperware, Shoes etc. You have to downsize everything! (You can reward yourself later with new stuff!)

Step 5. Pantries and Refrigerators: You are going to want to purge anything out of date. Obvi. Then consider donating non-perishables to local food ministries. And finally move into your new space and start with an empty fridge and pantry!

Step 6. Having trouble getting organized? Still having a hard time letting go? Hire a professional de-clutterer (organizer). They are worth the money! Remember, it’s stuff. You can’t take it with you in the afterlife. You can also take pictures of things that give you goosebumps, tears and memories and digitalize them in a folder.

Step 7. Your move is coming up and you still have too much stuff. Rent a storage unit for a few months but promise yourself you will go through it daily and continue to purge. This will relieve a little anxiety and make your move a little easier.

Step 8. Last step in my little guide here. Check out my friends at DailyWithBaily and Hello.Clutter on Instagram and their websites for actual pictures of organizing and cleaning. I promise it will inspire you to keep going! Oh and don’t forget to reward yourself after your move. Take another vacation.

New Trend for Empty Nesters-Luxury Apartment Living!

Yep, I said it. It’s not like when you were in college or newly on your own. Apartment living has come a very long way! With standard granite counter tops, luxury appliances, hardwood flooring, spacious kitchen cabinets and to-die-for bathroom layouts fit for a royal family make apartment life very desirable! Amenities like pools/cabanas, state of the art gyms, doggie spas and parks, washer and dryers already in the apartment, valet trash pickup (this was the thing that made me sign the lease!). And don’t forget the community events put on by event planners on site! Not such a bad life if you are giving up space from a home and downsizing! Just remember to tour the community and compare with other apartment communities before you sign the lease. You might just decide this is a perfect lifestyle for you now!

So here’s a little video about empty nest and moving. Enjoy!

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

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