I’ve Been On a Short Blog Break But I’m Back And Ready To Kick Ass, So Don’t Believe The Rumors About Rehab.

Hey YOU!

I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted a really witty or inspiring post but I have my reasons. There are rumors out there that I had too many White Russians and had to detox on my private island in the sun for a month. That is so not true. Please don’t buy into the hype. TMZ needed to fill some downtime to get their viewership up and used my hiatus to create drama. It’s hard being me.

But seriously, we all need a break sometime. Social Media (Even though it’s my career) can wear you down and when it does, it’s ok to take a break. Private island or not. How do the Trolls do it? They never seem to get tired or need a break.

The biggest gripe I have right now is that people have no sense of humor anymore. I mean am I the only one who has a giggle at inappropriate jokes and memes? Am I going to hell because of it? Jeesh! Some people really need to let shit go for crying out loud. Haven’t we all been through enough?

So today I’m back from my mini-break, loaded with a full pitcher of Margaritas and I plan to up my game and create chaos wherever I go. Not holding back and not planning to be available for nonsense from trolls. If people choose to be miserable snots, then so be it but I am not going to play into that. If your feelings get hurt or you are offended, remember this: Life is not fair or easy. Stop looking to blame others and take responsibility for your own part in everything. I’m here to be a voice for the inappropriate, humor seekers, and others who just want a break from the Apocalypse we’ve been going through the past few years.

So my friends, pour yourself a cocktail and get ready for the ride! I’ll be at it again next week and stirring the pot. (Cauldron). Don’t let the trolls get you down or the political machines drive you crazy. Life is short and who wants to spend their life being miserable.

Check out this video and hopefully get a chuckle for today.

Peace Love and Margaritas!

10 thoughts on “I’ve Been On a Short Blog Break But I’m Back And Ready To Kick Ass, So Don’t Believe The Rumors About Rehab.

  1. Truthfully, in the kindest of kindest, is there really anything to be happy about? I used to feel this way till yesterday. My neighbor brought me a special something she was growing in her garden. Bless her little heart.

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